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Ravi in Ardra Nakshatra | Ardra Nakshatra Pravesha Kaala Phalam

Ravi in Ardra Nakshatra Pravesha (Ardra Nakshatra Pravesha Kaala Phalam), the moment when Sun enters into Ardra Nakshatra, decides the year’s Meghadhipathi and many particular predictions related to it.

Ravi Ardra Nakshatra Pravesha Muhurtham in 2015-16 is – Manmadha Nama Samvatsara, Adhika Ashada Maasa Shukla Shashti, Monday, 22 June, 4.44 PM.

Phalam (Results)

Shukla Shashti – Dhanya Vriddhi (Increase in grains)

Monday – Subhiksha (prosperity)

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra – Shubham (Auspicious results)

Siddhi Yogam – Karya Siddhi (Success in works)

Taitula Karanam – Subhiksha (prosperity)

Vrischika Lagnam – Agni bhayam (fear of fire)

Evening – Sasya Vriddhi (Increase in crops)

Bharani Mandale – Rogabhayam (fear of disease).

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