Ram Singh Kuka, Baba in Kuka Samparda

Ram Singh Kuka (19th century AD) is considered similar to Sri Shirdi Saibaba by his devotees, and he belongs to the Kuka Samparda lineage. He fought against the British Government, boycotted British goods and encouraged Indians to buy only goods produced by Indians, in order put up an end to the then British rule. He was interested in enjoying and involving himself in spiritual thoughts at his young age itself.

Ram Singh Kuka was born to a pious Singh family, at a village in Ludhiana. He took up his family profession and become an expert carpenter, and he also sculpted lot of idols of Hindu deities with his highly talented skills. Ram Singh Kuka once met Sri Balak Das, a great saint and in course of time, he became his successor. The teachings of Ram Singh Kuka are very famous, especially among the Sikhs, since apart from worshipping other Hindu deities, he also considered Sri Guru Nanak as his main guru, and lead his life as per the teachings of Sri Guru Nanakji.


1. Help others with whatever money you possess.

2. By becoming honest, we could become dearest to the god.

3. Chant the names of Lord Rama, as much as you can, and let us put some grass on the mouth of those, who are disinterested to chant the Rama Mantra.

4. Pray to the god for the wellness of everyone.

5. Ignoring god’s worship, would lead to the gateway of hell.

6. Always smile, and do it even in difficult situations also.

7. Let your legs take you to the holy temples, let your hands bow before the almighty, let your tongue chants the Divine names, let your eyes watch the divine beauty of the deities.

8. Consider everyone as the aspects of the god, and take your life lightly, smoothly and easily.

9. Never fear since god is always near to you.


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