The Rasaleela also known as the divine dance of Lord Krishna was performed with his consorts and the pure hearted devotees Gopikas, and it occupies an important part in the life history of Lord Krishna, and this wonderful event was mentioned in our famous Hindu epics such as the Bhagavata Purana and also in other Holy texts related with Lord Krishna. Rasaleela would be played by stage artists during the time of Krishna Jayanti Festival day, in order to express the divine love shown by Lord Krishna towards his devotees.

This Rasaleela was happened in order to show that there must not be any barrier between the God and his devotees. God never find partiality with his devotees, and he also didn’t see the caste, creed, gender and religion of his devotees. According to Lord Krishna, he loves all the people, and also he wishes his devotees to love him, in order to give his spiritual bliss. As per the holy Bhagavatham, when Lord Krishna had performed his divine dance, even the animals like cows, and birds like parrots, were eagerly watched and also raised a melodious sound, in order to express their happiness.

The Rasaleela was taken place during one night, when the Gopis of Vrindavana were left their homes andwent to the forest in order to dance and to enjoy the spiritual pleasure with Krishna all over the night, after hearing the mesmerising sound played by Lord Krishna on his flute. Lord Krishna has done this act, in order to test, and to show the pure bhakti of the Gopikas to the entire universe.

As per the holy Bhagavata Purana, whoever hears or gives lectures about the Rasaleela to others, would get the entire grace of Lord Krishna.

This Rasaleela is also explained in detail in the Gita Govindam which was written by the great Krishna Devotee, Sri Jayadevar.

The ancient Rasaleela performances would also be done in Vrindavan by the devotees of Lord Krishna. The 17th century Krishna Devotee Sri Poonthanam, once gave lectures on Srimad Bhagavatam in the famous Mammiyur Shiva Temple, Kerala. Lord Shiva had eagerly watched the divine discourses of Poonthanam, and especially, he was very much satisfied with his performance, when he gave lectures from the Krishna’s Rasaleela.

In the dream of Poonthanam, Lord Shiva had appeared, and asked him to give more and more lectures about Rasaleela, since he was very much attracted with the Rasaleela. Poonthanam happily agreed, and he gave discourses on Rasaleela for many times in the Mammiyur Shiva Temple, in order to please the devotees of Lord Krishna and also to please the great Lord Sri Mammiyur Maheswara.


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