Rahu Transit for Simha Rashi | 2022-2023 Rahu Peyarchi for Leo

Leo 2

Leo 2

Rahu will move into the 9th house for Simha Rashi on Rashi on 12 April 2022. Rahu transits into Aries (Mesha Rashi), this year. It will stay till October 2023 in Mesha Rashi.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

Generally, Rahu is indicated as Malefic planet as he positioned for such a negative aspects like laziness, filthiness, obstacles, etc,.

This Rahu Ketu transition will bring good fortunes in most areas of your life. However, you need to be careful about few health issues as they can affect you for some period. Especially elders need to be careful about issues related to bones. On the financial front, you will not face much issues. Your career will also head in the right direction even though you will have more work this year. Family life is good overall and you will be able to resolve old issues.

Simha Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Health

There are few concerns in this area and you need to be particularly careful about the health of your bones. Elderly people should take extra precaution to not hurt their bones with minor accidents. Apart from that, there are no major health issues seen this year. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet to stay away from health problems. You can even chant aditya hrudayam and do surya namaskar to build positive energy around your body.

Simha Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Family

This Rahu Ketu transition will not impact your family life in any major way. You will lead a peaceful life and there are chance of resolving old issues in your family. Your family members will support you in all ways this year. There are chances of conducting auspicious events like marriage and house warming ceremony in your family. You will not have much financial stress to manage your expenses for such auspicious events.

Simha Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Marriage

Singles born in Simha Rashi can expect to meet their life partner with the blessings and support of elders and other family members. You will be completely satisfied with the arrangements in this area of your life. If you are in a committed relationship, you will get complete support from elders and there will be no conflicts regarding your marriage. If there are minor issues, keep your ego aside for a few days and handle the situation tactfully without arguments.

Simha Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Career

Your career will zoom this year with the grace of major planets including Guru and Shani. This Rahu Ketu transition will increase the work load and you have to perform at your peak capacity. However, this will boost your career in the long run and give you the much needed benefits in the form of promotion and increment. You may even travel abroad related to your work and get better job opportunities.

Simha Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Finance

There are no issues in this area of your life. You will have enough earnings to handle all the expenses for auspicious events in your family. However, avoid over spending on useless activities and focus on investing in proper assets  that can give good returns in the future. Your family will support your work and you can expect money from previous settlements.

Remedies :

  • Worshipping Ganesha will give you relief from problems caused by Rahu.
  • You can offer Dhurva grass on every Wednesday and worship Ganesha.
  • Recite Ganapati Atharvasheersha whenever possible.
  • Also worship Mahalakshmi on fridays to bring good fortune to your family.

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