Rahu Transit for Mesha Rashi | 2017-2019 Rahu Peyarchi for Aries

Rahu will move into the 4th house of Mesha Rashi on 20 August 2017. Rahu transits into Cancer (Karka Rashi) this year. It will stay till March 2019 in Karka Rashi.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

Generally, Rahu is indicated as Malefic planet as he positioned for such a negative aspects like laziness, filthiness, obstacles, etc,.

The general Predictions for Rahu Transit through 4th house are – Gain of property of conveyance, problem in domestic life, gain from mother and lawsuits, ill health of mother, psychic problems and mental worries.

Effects of Rahu Transit on Mesha Rashi natives – Family Life

There will be unnecessary conflicts in the family which will add to your tensions. Avoid getting into any argument with wife and other members in the family. The first phase of this transit would give troubles in relationship as it becomes very harder for you to manage.

Effects of Rahu Transit on Mesha Rashi natives – Finance / Money

Financial problems continue to be the major setback of this transit until October 2017. November 2017 onwards, you will see some improvement in financial situation. The income sources will add up. Friends or well-wishers will play a crucial role in enhancing your position.

Effects of Rahu Transit on Mesha Rashi natives – Career / Work / Business

Effects of Rahu Transit on Mesha Rashi natives – Health

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Positive Effects & Negative effects of Rahu in 4th house

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