Rahu Transit for Karka Rashi | 2022-2023 Rahu Peyarchi for Cancer



Rahu will move into the 10th house for Karka Rashi on Rashi on 12 April 2022. Rahu transits into Aries (Mesha Rashi), this year. It will stay till October 2022 in Mesha Rashi.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

Generally, Rahu is indicated as Malefic planet as he positioned for such a negative aspects like laziness, filthiness, obstacles, etc,.

This Rahu Ketu transition will bring good fortune in most areas of your life. There are good chances of growth in your career and business this year. You will be able to get good recognition and respect from others in the society. Singles can expect to meet their life partner and get married. You will have good flow of income but you need to be careful while spending money on unwanted activities.

Karka Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Health

There are minor concerns regarding your health this year. However, you should be able to handle it if you are careful about your eating habits and lifestyle. Take proper medication for existing illness. You may suffer from mental stress more than anything else this year. Try Yoga and meditation to calm yourself and this will also help you to boost your immunity in the long run.

Karka Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Family

Karka Rashi people will enjoy good time this year with the blessings of Rahu Ketu and other major planets. You will get complete support from your family members. The understanding with your spouse will be very good and this will bring complete peace of mind to married people. There are chances of conducting auspicious events like house warming ceremony or marriage in your family.

Karka Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Marriage

Singles waiting to get married since a long time have some good news. You are likely to find the right life partner with the blessings and support of elders and friends. If you are already in a committed relationship, you can take the next big step in this period. Consult your astrologer to fix the appropriate muhurat as per your horoscope to avoid any sort of hurdles during marriage. Married people will enjoy good time with spouse and resolve all previous conflicts.

Karka Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Career

The time is right to take risks with regards to  your career. You have the complete support of Rahu Ketu and other major planets for most part of the year. If you are looking to change jobs, you can seek help from friends and superiors to find the suitable job. There are high chances of getting promotion and increment in your existing job. You may even travel abroad related to your work.

Karka Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Finance

There is no shortage of income for Karka Rashi people in this Rahu Ketu transition. You will have enough money to meet all your financial expectations. You may spend lot of money on auspicious events in your family. However, when it comes to big investments in land or share markets, you need to be careful and analyze the deal thoroughly before taking any decisions. In this way, your investment will be safe and you can expect good returns in the long run.

Remedies :

  • Worshipping female deities like Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi will bring in good fortune to your family.
  • You should also recite Durga Suktam and Durga Saptashati with proper guidance from experinced people.
  • Worship Mahalakshmi on Tuesdays and Saturday to attract good fortune. Feed the poor and needy people and help them in every way.

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