Rahu in 11th House | Rahu in Labha Sthana

Rahu in 11th House, Rahu in Labha Sthana (House of Gains) – Effects of Rahu in 11th house (positive effects & negative effects)..

When Rahu is in 11th house, the native will be an ill reputed person who sells other’s wealth. The birth of a son will be threatening for the father and Rahu will destroy Jupiter.

When Saturn is in House No 3,5 he can become a yogi. Ketu and Saturn in 1st and 5th house will aggravate the negative effects of Rahu. He will not accept money from parents and ancestral property. Progeny will be affected and he will have a good time upto the age of Jupiter.

Visiting temples and doing charity will be helpful for the native.

Positive effects of Rahu in 11th house

Father may not have a long life, but as long as he lives, the native will be blessed with wealth. It is advisable to keep the items of Jupiter after the death of father to bring in beneficial results. The position of Saturn in House No 3 will make him a Yogi and Rahu will not be malefic for the father.

When Saturn and Ketu are in House No 1, 3 he will become lucky and a self made rich man. The native will not accept any wealth from his parents.

Negative effects of Rahu in 11th house

After the birth of the native, the parents will suffer losses and bad health.If the second house is aspected or connected with Rahu in any way, the native will suffer heavily till the 36th year and ther will be troubles all around. There may be loss through fire, debts and thefts.

The native will not gain wealth from his family and his own savings will be determined by planet in House No 3. Rahu in 11th house indicates that father/son or grandfather/grandson cannot live long. Either one of them may suffer.

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