Rahu in 9th House | Rahu in House of Fortune

Rahu in 9th House, Rahu in House of Fortune – Effects of Rahu in 9th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Rahu is in 9th house it will destroy religion. When Jupiter is dormant in House No. 5, 11 luck will disappear but will make the native psychiatrist. When the planet of the 4th house comes to the 1st house, Rahu will become malefic.

In the House No. 1 is blank, health and elders will get affected and there will be litigations and unnecessary fights. It will also destroy the progeny after birth. Saturn in House No. 5 will dictate Rahu and reduce the chances of childbirth.

Positive effects of Rahu in 9th house

If Jupiter is in House No. 5, 11 the native will be renowned after of mental diseases. However if he becomes greedy, it will spoil his ability and destroy him. He will be a man of independent views.

Negative effects of Rahu in 9th house

The male child either will be aborted or will die repeatedly after birth. Father, in-laws and grandfather will be unlucky for native. There will be trouble through brothers and relations.

Rahu will become 9 times malefic which will obstruct progeny and stop his earnings.

When House No. 1 is blank he will be disrespected in the society. If Saturn is in House No. 5, it will be a malefic combination for progeny. As a remedial measure he should worship Ketu and live in a joint family and have good relations with in-laws. It is also advisable to have a dog at home.

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