Rahu in 12th House | Rahu in House of Losses

Rahu in 12th House, Rahu in House of Losses (Vyaya Sthana) – What are the effects of Rahu in 12th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Rahu is in 12th house the native will live in false hopes and dreams. Saturn will be benefic to the native. He will make a lot of expenses on good things.

When Saturn is malefic or in the company of enemy planets Rahu will become destructive.

When Mars and Rahu are good it will give him royalty. When Venus is in 11th house it will give more daughters.

Positive effects of Rahu in 12th house

The results of Rahu will depend on mercury in the chart. The benefic results of Rahu will relate to the houses and walls. He will make a lot of expenses for his own family particularly his sisters and daughters. His in-laws will be rich. He will have comfort during the night and protection against his enemies.

Rahu along with Mars will give gains, comforts and royal favours. When Saturn’s benefic it indicates royal favours and recognition.

When Venus is in House No. 10, 11 the native will have more daughters and more wealth. Mercury will determine the number of daughters and Jupiter will determine the wealth. The relations of Mercury, Jupiter will give benefic results.

Negative effects of Rahu in 12th house

The native will face conflicts, litigation, theft which will make his life uncomfortable. The native and protective roof will be under threat of earthquake where Rahu. His dreams and wishes would remain unfulfilled. Hard work will not yield favourable results.

The native will also face false allegations and disrespect in the society. When enemy planets Sun, Venus are with Rahu it will cause terrible losses and pushing towards destruction.

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