Raghuttama Tirtha | Sri Raghuttama Tirthar

Sree Raghuttama Tirtha Swamigal is a Dwaitha Saint. He was born in Hyderabad. He was adopted by Raghuvarya Theerthar of Uttharadhi Mutt at a very young age from his parents. His original name was Ramachandran. At the age of seven, Upanayanam was made to him and he was given Sanyasa at the age of eight. After getting Sanyasa, his name was changed to Sree Raghuttama Theerthar.

At the age of three, a demon, tried to kill the divine child, and the child kicked him with his feet and the demon immediately died. By seeing this incident, people described him as Sree Bala Krishna. Once while going to pilgrimage, several thieves tried to attack Raghothama Swamigal, at that time he was chanting rama mantra and immediately several monkeys suddenly appeared in that place and attacked the thieves and protected Raghothama Swamigal. This has happened due to his immense Rama Bhakthi. Even after attaining sanyasa, he is very much attached with his mother. He is an incarnation of Nirudhi Devar (One of the seven Dikpalakas).

He was talented in various vedas and Hindu scriptures at a very young age and he has written many devotional books. After the death of his guru Sree Raghuvarya Theerthar, he became the In-charge of the Uttaradhi Mutt. After finishing his duties successfully, he chose a village Manampoondi in Thirukovilur District and attained Jeevasamadhi in 1595 AD during Vaikunta Ekadashi.

Manampoondi is a small village located between Tiruvanamalai and Tirukovilur. Manampoondi is 36 Kms away from Tiruvannamalai. It is at a distance of 2 Kms from Tirukovilur. Tirukovilur is 237 Kms from Bangalore.

Buses running in the Bangalore – Villupuram route stop at Manampoondi on request. Sufficient bus facility is also available to Manmpoondi from Tiruvannamalai.

Similar to Guru Raghavendra Swamigal, he is also a staunch devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. He visited several pilgrimage places during his life time and had the darshan of various gods.

He has done lot of miracles to his devotees. Every year during Vaikunta Ekadashi, his Aradhana is celebrated for four days. Devotees from all parts of Tamil Nadu, visit his Brindavan and get his divine blessings. Now Sree Sathyathma Theertha Swamigal is the present Pontiff(Mutt Incharge) of the Uttaradhi Mutt. Every Thursday, special poojas will be done to the Brindavan of Raghuttama Swamigal and flower decoration will be made to his Brindavan.

Even today he is making lot of wonders in the life of his devotees. He is attracted only by bhakthi. He is hearing the devotees voices from his Brindavan.

He will solve the problems in the life of his devotees based on their karma. He will wait for the correct time to do goodness to his devotees life.



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  1. Abhinav Pant says:

    He was born in Mannur in Bijapur district not Hyderabad. His birth name is Ramachandra Bhatta not Ramachandran.