Songs in Praise of Guru Raghavendra Swamy

raghavendra swamy

raghavendra swamy

Guru Raghavendra is a wonderful saint of Mantralayam and he is showering his grace on his devotees like the showering of the divine Parijatha flowers. Though he cannot complete erase our karmas, but to certain extent he is reducing our bad karmas, from his Good Karma Account. At present, lot of Raghavendra Brindavanams have been built in all parts of India, and even in some foreign countries, his devotees are worshipping him through Raghavendra Seva Mandalis, by keeping his picture and idols in their Brindavanams.

Day by day the meditative powers of Guru Raghavendra are increasing, and he is selflessly distributing it towards his sincere devotees. Devotees must realise that he permanently dwells in their souls, and they must not get depression in their mind, whenever they suffer from any severe problems in their lives. Based on our karmas, he would definitely try to reduce the severity of our problems, and would make us to get permanent happiness in our lives.

Some staunch devotees of Guru Raghavendra have written beautiful songs in praise of him, and some of the contents present in those songs are as follows:-

1. Om Sri Guru Raghavendra, the great saint of Mantralaya, we are all surrendering under your holy feet, since we are considering you as our best saviour in the world.

2. Om Namo Guru Raghavendra, you are like the Deva Guru Brihaspati with regard to your vast knowledge in Vedic subjects, and you are like Lord Vishnu, with regard to your protection on your devotees, and you are like Lord Indra, with regard to your showering of prosperity on your devotees.

3. Oh My Guru Raghavendra, you are helping us to cross the ocean of life, and you are also showering your mercy on us like the Ocean and also making us to concentrate our attention on divine subjects.

4. Oh My Father Guru Raghavendra, you are coming with us in all walks of our life, and you are the best guardian god for us, like the holy guardian gods, Sri Ayyanar, Sri Sudalaimada Swamy and Sri Madurai Veeran.

5. Guru Sri Raghavendra, is our worshipful Guru, who is the sincere devotee of Lord Rama, who is still performing the Moola Rama puja in Mantralayam during the early morning hours.

6. Oh My Holy Guru Raghavendra, we are considering you as the 13th Alwar saint, due to your sincere bhakti on Lord Vishnu.

7. Oh My Sacred Guru Sri Raghavendra, during your life time you have won in all the debates, and you have appeared in the form of Ma Saraswathi Devi before the eyes of the debaters.

8. Oh My Beloved Guru Ragavendra, you are discharging your duties in a nice manner, and you have been surrounded with full of gods, demigods and goddesses, and you have been always blessed by them.

9. Oh My Great Guru, you are providing us sufficient food and water at all times in our lives, and you are capable of offering food and water to us even in dry desert regions.

10. Oh Our Dear Guru, we are all eager to listen to your music from the Veena Instrument. Please provide feast to our ears by offering your divine music.

11. Oh Our Beloved Guru, all the sacred rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna and the Cauvery are lying at your divine feet.

12. Oh the great Guru of Mantralaya, you have incarnated as the Holy Prahalada, Bahliga and Vyasaraja and you have done lot of goodness to your devotees.

13. Oh My Lord Raghavendra, Ma Saraswati Devi, would permanently reside in the souls of those devotees who chant your name, sing songs in praise of you, and who chants your divine mantras.

14. Oh My Affectionate Guru, we are considering you as our father, mother, friend and everything in our lives, and our entire thoughts are focused on you only.


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