Radhe Maa to be Mahamandaleshwar at Kumbh Mela 2013

Radhe Maa Matamayi

Radhe Maa Matamayi

Matamayi Shri Radhe Maa would lead a procession of Naga Sadhus to Sangm for the first Shani Snan on January 14th 2013 on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. The 45 year old Radhe Maa is the first lady to be the Mahamandaleshwar which is considered to be the status equivalent of God among the members of the Akhara.

Radhe Maa has a controversial outlook because of her loud makeup with diamond and gold jewelleries. She was also accused of using her money power to obtain this status at the Juna Akhara.

Also under normal conditions , only a sadhu is allowed to be the mahamandaleshwar and many members had objected to Radhe Maa leading them at the Shani Snan.

She got the status in a meeting held by a group of sadhus at Juna Akhara in Haridwar in September 2012. But later a large number of Naga Sadhus of the Akhara warned against the decision and alleged that although she was incompetant for the honour, she bribed some senior members to get this status.

Radhe Maa MatamayiLater, a five member committee of sadhus of the Akhara was constituted in October to probe the charges. Now the committee has finally given Radhe Maa clean chit and included her name in the list of 162 Maha Mandaleshwars of the Juna Akhara who would lead processions of Naga Sadhus during the three Shahi Snans in Kumbh Mela 2013.

Radhe Maa’s real name is Sukhvindar Kaur alias Gudia. She is married and living with her two daughters in Mumbai. She took diksha from Mahant Ramadeen and has a huge following of devotees across the world.

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