Putrada Ekadasi, 22 January 2013

Today, 22 January 2013 is Putrada Ekadasi. It is Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Pausha Month (Pushya Masam) in all Hindu calendars. Putrada Ekadasi is celebrated two times – in Shravan Month & Paush Month.

Ekadasi begins at 11.23 PM on 21 January and ends at 2.07 AM on 23 January 2013. This year, Putrada Ekadasi falls in Thai Masam in Tamil calendar, Makaram Month in Malayalam calendar and Maagh Month in Bengali calendar.

Putrada Ekadasi Vrat removes all types of sins and makes one famous and learned. Shri Narayana, the Supreme Lord and original personality, and is the worshipable Deity of this Ekadashi, and for His faithful devotee He happily fulfills all desires and awards full perfection.

Putrada Ekadasi Vrat Katha, the story of this Ekadashi Vrat, is associated with King Suketuman who ruled a kingdom names Bhadravati. His queen was the famous Saibya. He was blessed with a good son after performing Putra Ekadashi Vratha.

Putrada Ekadasi vrat katha is mentioned in Bhavishyottara Purana as a conversation between King Yudhishtira and Lord Krishna.

As per a popular belief married couples without children will be blessed with children if they observe Putrada Ekadasi.

Putrada Ekadasi Vrat Parana Time (Break fast Time): 8.47 AM to 10.35 AM on 23 January 2013. On Parana day, the ending time of Harivasara is – 8.47 AM.

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  1. shukla says:

    Is putruda ekadasi same as pavitra ekadasi…………. Im staying in North India and the priest here say it is pavitra ekadasi on the 22nd January. Im confused can you clarify regarding pavitra ekadasi please

  2. simran says:

    can you please post the complete putrada ekadasi vrat katha. and also the details for reciting this story. Can someone who is not fasting also recite the putrada ekadasi vrat katha ? I cant do fast bcos of my health problem, but I want to read this story so that I will get some benefit and peace of mind. please advise regarding this one

  3. manjula says:

    since putrada ekadasi falls on tuesday this time, how about the mangalvaar vrat ? I have been observing the mangal vaar vrat since one year and this time, since putrada ekadasi also has come on same day, if I fast today, will it be counted for the mangalvaar vrat ? I want to do 108 weeks of mangal vaar vrat, but Im also doing this putrada ekadasi vrat, so can someone clarify my doubt

  4. amit says:

    Dear Sir, what is the exact time of putrada ekadasi, when should the fast begin and when should it end. my wife says the fast ends at the time of sunset, so can we eat something in the evening or is it ending on night.

  5. Pritha says:

    Parana time of the ekadashi which is on 8th march 2013