Pavitra Ekadashi or Putrada Ekadasi – Pavitropana Ekadashi 2022

Pavitra Ekadashi or Putrada Ekadasi or Pavitropana Ekadashi is observed in Shukla Paksha during the Shravan month (August). Pavitra Ekadashi 2022 or Pavitropana Ekadasi 2022 or Putrada Ekadasi 2022 date is August 8.

As the name indicates Pavitra or Putrada Ekadashi is the most auspicious and sacred Ekadasi among all 24 Ekadasi Vrata observances in a year. Even hearing its glories will eradicate ones sins and makes him/her free from all life bondages to reach the godhead. Jhulan Yatra or Jhoola festival is celebrated during Putrada Ekadashi in all temples dedicated to Lord Jagannath and Krishna.

Pavitra Ekadasi or Putrada Ekadashi – Glories and Greatness:

The glories and the greatness of Pavitra Ekadasi are mentioned in Bhavishyottara Purana. Lord Sri Krishna explained the glories of Putrada Ekadashi to King Yudhistira. Lord Krishna asked the King to hear the glories of Putrada Ekadashi, by which he can obtain the result of many significant yagas (yagnas – sacrifices) such as Ashwamedha Yaga, Putra Kameshti Yaga.

Here you can read the significance or importance of Pavitra Ekadasi and Pavitra Ekadasi vrat katha or story of this Ekadasi.

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