Purnima, 25 February 2013

Today, 25 February 2013 is Purnima, Pournami, Poornima. This is a full moon day in Magha Month (Magha Purnima) in Hindu calendar.

Purnima in February 2013 begins at 2.04 AM on 25 February and ends on 2.01 AM on 26th February.

Magha Purnima has great significance in terms of spiritual observance. It marks the end of Magha Snana. In 2013, Magha Purnima snan has importance as it falls during Maha Kumbha Mela of Allahabad Prayaga Sangam. It also marks the end of Magh Mahina in North Indian Hindi calendars.

Maasi Magam is a big festival in Tamil Nadu celebrated on Magam Nakshatram of Maasi Masam. Special pujas are offered to Lord Shiva, Lord Subramanya (Murugan) and Goddess Devi temples in the state.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti and Sant Rohidas Jayanti are celebrated on Magha Purnima.

This Purnima is also known as Vishnu Panchaka Pournami as it marks the end of Vishnu Panchaka Vrata. Bhishma Panchaka Vrata is also concluded on this day.

Mangeshi Rathayatra is celebrated in popular Shiva Temple in Goa (Mangeshi Temple) on this day. It is also referred to as Magha Mahotsav or Jatra Mahotsav.

It is Maasi Masam Pournami in Tamil calendar, Kumbha Masam Pournami in Malayalam calendar and Falgun Purnima in Bengali Panjika.

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