Masi month 2022 | Maasi Masam in Tamil Calendar 2022

Maasi masam or Masi month is the 11th month in Tamil calendar. This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Pitru Devatas or ancestors. In 2022, Masi Masam or Maasi month starts on February 13 and end on March 14. In Tamil Nadu, people consider the month of Masi as auspicious to start their new […]

Purnima, 25 February 2013

Today, 25 February 2013 is Purnima, Pournami, Poornima. This is a full moon day in Magha Month (Magha Purnima) in Hindu calendar. Purnima in February 2013 begins at 2.04 AM on 25 February and ends on 2.01 AM on 26th February. Magha Purnima has great significance in terms of spiritual observance. It marks the end […]