Purattasi Masam Perumal Songs

During the Tamil month of Purattasi, Perumal songs would be played in high pitch sound from the music speakers present in the Perumal Temples, and distribution of Sweet Pongal and VenPongal also would take place. People used to shout the Perumal slogan, “GOVINDA”, “GOVINDA”, and some of them would even proceed to the holy Tirumala Temple, and they would also halt in some small and big Perumal Temples during their journey, along with their troupe, which would consists of their relatives, friends and neighbours.

The significance of worshipping Lord Perumal during the month of Purattasi is, to get good health, wealth and to attain all kinds of prosperity in our life. It is good for health to get up early in the morning, especially during the Purattasi month, since during that month, a mixture of hot and cold weather would prevail. Some of the Perumal devotees would apply the holy marks, “NAMAM” on their forehead, used to wander in the streets, and they used to collect money as donations to the people by well shaking their Perumal Hundials. Though most of those Perumal devotees would use the Hundial money towards travelling to the Tirumala Temple, but, still some of them would utilize the money for unwanted activities like consuming liquor, drugs and for gambling.

Before some forty years ago, while I was visiting Tirumala, the place looked very attractive, neat and clean, than that of now, and the nice song, “ELUKONDA VASA” sung by Kandasala would be played in the speakers and it would provide a great feast to our ears. We can also have quick darshan of Lord Venkateswara in the Tirumala Temple, even during the Purattasi month within a few hours, and our mouth would recite various mesmerising songs of Lord Venkateswara.

Hearing the Perumal songs with our big sized stereo set on Purattasi month, is quite attractive, but the practice of hearing songs on stereo set is almost stopped, since nowadays we are able to hear songs through our mobile phone itself.

Purattasi month is popular both for listening to Perumal songs from the music players, as well as we can enjoy the lingering taste of “PULIHORA”, and “CURD RICE” which is usually offered in the Perumal Temples. Though we may try different methods of recipes for cooking Pulihora and Curd Rice in our home, but we cannot get the refreshing taste of the Prasad items offered in the Perumal Temples, since in these items, the essence of divinity is also added.

Though we may easily get the Rs.300/- ticket for the Darshan of Perumal in Tirumala during Purattasi month, and though we might have got the quick darshan of Lord Venkateswara easily, but it cannot be compared with the darashan which we would have had it before 30 to 40 years ago, since olden days are always considered as golden days.


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