Prosperity through Spirituality

We can prosper in our life by travelling in the spiritual path. Prosperity cannot be achieved within a short time. It requires lot of patience and lot of devotion on the almighty. A dull person can also prosper in his life, if he has blessings from his spiritual guru and from the almighty. When a person commit small, small mistakes in his younger age, but initially if he is an innocent and a soft and a god fearing person, god would bear those mistakes, and would make him to escape from that, and also he would correct him and would make him to travel in the right direction of his life.

One of my friends was a dull person, and he didn’t perform well in his studies. But due to his bhakti on the almighty, somehow he has cleared in his exams and got a B.Sc degree also. But when he hunted for a job, he found it very difficult to get a suitable job. Even if he got the job, due to his poor health, he could not perform well in his job, and as a result, he began to switch jobs from one place to another. The people working in his company also insulted him, by commenting on his walk, and some used to tease him by telling, “he is walking like that of an old man”. He has to bear their derogatory remarks on him, and he didn’t sleep well during the nights due to the insult caused by his office colleagues.

Soon he got married and settled in his life. But from then onwards, he was very much tortured by his office staffs, by using bad comments in front of him. They also complained about him to the boss, and made him to lose his job. Thereafter he began to suffer like anything in his life. His newly wedded wife began to insult him, and within a short time, she went to her parent’s home, and sent him a divorce notice also. This poor chap requested his wife to wait for a few months, by telling that he has applied for a government job.

Due to the grace of the almighty, suddenly everything has changed in his life. He has got a job in the state government sector, and due to that, his health condition was also improved. He began to peacefully work in the government job, and as a result his wife happily joined in his life. And after a few years, he was blessed with two children, and now he is happily living his life with his family in Chennai.

This was happened only due to the grace of the almighty, since he was a sincere devotee of Lord Krishna. Due to his blessings, everything has changed in his life, and he thanks the god for giving a blessed life.


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