Problems and Solutions

We are daily thinking that we are only suffering from lot of problems in our life. Problems are common for everyone, and even the great Lord Krishna had suffered from lot of problems in his life, and once he has to prove his innocence, when the Syamantaka Jewel issue was raised by Satrajit. At the end of his avatar, he didn’t face natural death. He was accidentally injured by the hunter Jara, and as a result he died. During the time of his death also, he granted salvation to hunter Jara, and with a smiling face, he died, and he immediately went to the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta.

If god itself suffers when he takes birth in the earth, then what about our situation? But there is solution for that, and the solution was given by the great Lord Krishna itself. He tells in his Bhagavat Gita, “Human sufferings cannot be put to an end, it will be there permanently in their life, but in order to withstand from our problems, he asks us to develop a strong mind and a strong body and to worship him sincerely”. If we worship him sincerely, he is ready to lift us whenever we suffer from any hardships in our life.

As per the saying of our Holy Saint, Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, “Most of the things are under your control only. You have to realize the purpose of your birth, and must have to act accordingly. If you keep on harming others through your physical power, then during your next birth, you would be born as a weak and a dull person, and due to that, you would not be able to study properly and also you would be unwilling to do work.

As a result of that, your parents and relatives would ignore you, and thereafter your life would become terrible. Hence before starting any activity, you have to think it twice and thrice, and then must only you have to proceed further.If you think that your acts would give problems to others, then you should not do such a wrongful act.

Whatever acts we have done, whether it is good or bad, we have to either enjoy or suffer for that in our life. Blaming the god for our own sufferings would be of no use. Hence in order to get solutions for our problems, we must have to do noble activities in our life, must not harm others, and must keep worshipping the great almighty Lord Krishna throughout our life.


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