Principle behind Shiva Linga

shiva lingam

shiva lingam

What is the principle behind the Shiva Linga? On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, an interesting discussion between Sri Sri Ravishankar and one of his disciples at Satsang of Art of Living is given here… To the above question raised by one of his disciples, Guruji replied…

Love is Shiva. The substance which is everywhere is Shiva.

Something that is everywhere, how can we recognize it? To recognize it as a symbol, a stone is kept, a form is kept. That is it.

God is not in that form. The form is a symbol that reminds us of God. It is like you look at your grandfather’s photo and say this is my grandfather.

Seeing the photo you get reminded of your grandfather or grandmother or mother. But is that photo your grandfather or grandmother?

No! Because of the photo, we get reminded of them. In the same way, through the form we worship the substance beyond the form.

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  1. g v shastry says:

    shivalinga is the viratpurusha form of the lord and nothing to do with lord shiva

  2. Soumya naidu says:

    Its great! People can get to knw abt things..