Pregnancy and Eclipse: Scientific Reasons behind Pregnant Care during Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahan

There will be some effects from solar eclipse & lunar eclipse on pregnant women and their pregnancy. As per Hinduism and some other cultures in the world, pregnant women should take prior care during Grahan. But it also has some scientific reasons. Dr. Aprana Saxena has researched on some pregnant rats that are affected with the radioactive rays during the time of Sampoorn Surya Grahan (Total Solar Eclipse).

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Why Pregnancy of a woman is affected – Why should a pregnant woman should take care during Grahan or Eclipse?

Dr. Aparna Saxena has found that some of the rats which were examined by her were delivered small-sized babies, some other affected rats had undergone abortion and some other rats delivered disabled and abnormal babies. It has to be noted that some of the affected rats delivered baby rats which have ruptured bone marrow.

Not only animals and human, Grahan also affects plants. Some researches said that Onion and Sorghum plants were affected by the Eclipse. According to the research of Dr. S.P. Goswami and Usha Goswami, Sea animals are also affected with the rays during Grahan. During the time of Grahan, X- rays are released from Sun and Moon. The X- rays can affect the licing world. This phenomenon is referred as ‘Cosmic radiation.


Watch Chandra Grahan Live Online – 31 January 20178

These scientific researches prove that the rituals and aachars followed by a pregnant woman during Grahanam have scientific evidences. It also proves that Hinduism is not an only a religion but the healthy way of human living and the existence of the world.

Other Scientific evidences and proven reasons on Grahan or Eclipse

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  1. Lata says:

    Why you should not eat during grahan ?

  2. Virender Kumar says:

    I am a hindu from Pakistan. I can not concentrate on my relegion because I am living in Pakistan a Muslim Country, but even then I love my country. People mostly hate hindus arround our country except those who share life with us. We are facing a lot of troubles with respect to religious guidance. I mostly recite Guru Giranth Saheb and am satisfied with its spiritual effects. But when some one asks about our religion, I am confused to give then solid and basic answers of our preeching. Even though I dont remember that ever I had done moorty pooja and I dont like it when god is omny present. If all our lords Devis and Devatas are there, why we cant concentrate on them with any biased physical appearance and why do we preech or worship idols?

    • amrita says:

      we hindus are so fortunate to know what forms the lord took to set examples for humans to live a righteous life. we have books and tons of eveidence we have spirituals sights such as the bridge in india ayodhya lankha and the list goes on. i am a hindu i live in trinidad in the caribbean among many creed and races i believe in one god that takes various forms hence the different devis and devas and also explains jesus allah etc. it does mean we worship idols but we express our pride and love by having them to show how beautiful forms God took when he was on earth. i witnessed sindoor falling from the forehead of a durga murti and i am 21 i was younger then i also fed a ganesh murti milk i barely touch the spoon n there were no leaks i almost didnt believe that part but i know anything is posible because god whoever he is he exist. form or formless we can pray in whateva way we feel the connection so i wont judge anyones form of prayer. i worship the sum moon earth idols i go church n pray too i pray at sea for kartik i prayer wheneva whereva once i could speak to God in my way he is the creator my prayers will be well recieved and so will urs no matter where u are.

  3. Jai Guru Datta says:

    Hi Naveen,

    I want to know why Hindus do Vigraharadhana. What is the chief purpose behind worshipping Murtis. Is there any scientific reason apart from ritualistic predictions.

    • amrita says:

      hi firstly if u believe in god u wont bring scientific research in that, thats why we believe . never the less we have scientifc proof of our religion which are auspicious sights with specific items that are written in our religious books almost evry place and chapter can be sighted in india and items such as the kindom of ayodhya d burnt lanka of demon ravana still exists the bridge hanuman built with limestone exist d himalayan mountain and i can list hundreds on my own i havent seen it myself but i believe and someday i will go to india to pay respect. we can pray to a form or no form once our prayers are meant for god they will be well recieve it is up to u i c god in evrything especially natural sun moon sea earth. i worship idols wen i go to temple and i dont have to my prayers are not for the clay in front of me but for wat it represents it represents my lord and with out it i can still prayers and connect whereva wheneva. as i told someone i witness many miracles in trinidad with murtis but if u dont believe dont waste time wit it just pray to any form of god u believe in i believe my prayers n ur r goin in the same placed to God. ihope that answers ur question.

  4. Parimala Bhavani says:

    Good information about Pregnant women and Eclipse. Pregnant care is must take during Grahan. There is no loss with performing these rituals or traditions or whatever we say.

  5. D.Thangamani says:

    During the chandra Graganam applicable for all region pregnant women or Hindu????????. shall pregnant women go outside traveling on the time of Grahanam?

  6. Bharat says:

    @Virender Kumar
    Hi Virender…
    if you could see this… plz reach out to me with your any kind of question regarding Hinduism… may be i could explain you everything… u have not provided any contact here.

    I’m not a Baba or guru… a young common man but have explored reasoning behind Hinduism to a greater extend and found it awesome…


  7. sapna says:

    i am pregnant of only 3 months what should i do or not? i am getting feared for my baby and future. how can i sit for 3 or 4 hours without move..

  8. Hari N says:

    Who is Dr. Aparna Saxena, where is the link to her work ? Has this work been peer reviewed and accepted by any renowned medical body ?

  9. Divya says:

    Finally, the last comment made some sense in this whole page. I was also wondering if any of Aparna Saxena’s rats gave birth to normal babies… If not, is she sure that she was giving the mommy rats a good diet? there are places in the world where people have not even heard of this myth of avoiding solar eclipses at the time of pregnancy… and if there was any truth in eclipse being harmful for the unborn baby, wouldn’t all the kids born in that region be deformed, as there are at least 2 eclipses every year…
    no one wants to take any risk with the pregnancy… so they just keep listening to all the superstitions associated with pregnancy… you know… the just in case philosophy…

  10. sanyukta says:

    @divya …not only in Hinduism, even roman Catholics have many superstitions associated with eclipses,both lunar and solar. recall movies like hell boy where Nazis believed that during eclipses the doors to hell and evil will be revealed to the mortals. though i don’t agree with dr.saxena’s research completely, i also think that all the advice should be taken with a pinch of salt! After all Hinduism,Christianity and in fact all centuries old religion have their pearls of wisdom after much research….. and i would here also take the opportunity to remind that all religions aim at unifying ppl,it is us who have compartmentalized the do’s and dont’s and made it religion specific.

  11. marie says:

    my family is from mexico. although we come form different countries are believes are almost similar. I’m pregnant and
    my due date is June 26,2010.Due to Mayan cultures, most pregnant women stay indoors and also use red ribbon around their belly. I’m young, but the stories told my grandma of moms who didn’t protect themselves during an eclipse is startling. Babies born with deformities on lip or face,and miscarriages. I am a little worried can you offer other tips on protection. thanks..

  12. bhavana says:

    if pragnency is 20 days and we dont know about it. then solor and luner eclips effect the baby

  13. Ashna says:

    Surya or chandra grahan is on universal times right? If they say at 1:10pm then that means wherever you are and it’s 1:10pm then you follow that time.

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      If given in Universal Time i.e. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). We need to calculate local time according to it..

  14. MANOJ MISTRY says:

    dear sir,

    my wife is pregnant( 4 month) i want to know is that grahan will effect,what are the precaution we have to take during that,what is time in india,how long we two have to take care,can u tell me total period

  15. sunny banerjee says:

    people living in this 21st century are superstitious about solar and lunar eclipse and the effect on a pregnant women,the people who are delivering the dos and dont during eclipses,i am sure dont have any prove,but are so confident about their believes.

  16. Shakib says:

    Indians are so freaking stupid you can find it at the end of the first paragraph where it says that it proves that Hinduism is not only ….. It didn’t prove anything it didn’t even prove whether or not those researches are valid any ways what can expect from an Indian.

  17. Rajesh says:

    The whole article is total bullshit!

    There’re a whole lot of lies in it to justify superstitious beliefs.

    Btw, who’re these so-called doctors, Dr. Aparna Sexana, S.P. Goswami & Usha Goswami, whose so-called research is being used by this site to justify superstition. Have they got their research results “peer-reviewed”? Have they written any articles on their research in any scientific journals?

    If indeed its true then the news about their researches should have been published in all national dailies by now. I do not think I’ve come across any such news anywhere.

    More importantly, proponents of Hinduism have this dubious habit of using words like “science” & “scientific causes” to justify long-held blind beliefs.

    Only fools will fall for them!

  18. Triguna says:

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    i hv nt taken precautions during surya gharan on 2012

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    why do they say pregnant women cannot sit in garha pravesh

  22. Chiranjiv says:

    when is surya and chandra grahan 2013 nigeria kanu

  23. Ginni says:

    i didnt know i was pregnant and i held my kids during there xrays will it effect the baby

  24. Raji says:

    is there any possibility of chand grahan on pakistan 22-03-2013

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    in hindu mythology does a pregnant lady has to follow some rituals in lunar eclipse

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    How to make a girl pregnant tamil only

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    what are the niyamas followed during chanting kanakadhara stotram

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    hindu rituals to be followed by a pregnant woman at time of eclipse

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    does lunar eclipse effects pregnant women doctors advice

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    Normal baby delivery how many days tamil language details

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    does grahan makes any effect to a pregnant women or his baby

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    As per hindu religion what should a pregnent women do during eclipse

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    what is the timing of chandra grahan in india which held on 25 april 2o13

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    Is there any eclise on hanuman jayanti day in year 2013 in mauritius in telegu panchangam

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    what can safe of chandargrahan during pregancy time

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  247. Wakeeta says:

    Is pregnant women affected with eclipse not visible in their country

  248. Abhisar says:

    old sayings about effect of chandragrahan on pregnant women

  249. Akshaj says:

    eclipse 25 april 2013 does this eclipse give problem to pregnent women

  250. Eshwardutt says:

    how lunar eclipse harm ful for pregnent woman

  251. Ajita says:

    effect of chandra grahan on pregnant women islamic view

  252. Dharamnishth says:

    luner eclips in pakistan tonight time start & end in lahore

  253. Nakshatra says:

    things to follow by pregnant women husband during solar eclipse

  254. Sejal says:

    the effect of lunar eclipse on human fetus

  255. SaiJayani says:

    muslim opinion of chandra grahan precautions for pregnant women

  256. Nishita says:

    what to do in islam during chand grahan

  257. Svang says:

    www chand girhan aur islam about pregnancy com

  258. Vachan says:

    what islamic duas should pregnant women recite during lunar eclipse

  259. Anarghya says:

    what is the effect of lunar eclips on pregnent women

  260. Nidhipa says:

    what in islam for pregnant woman during chand girahan

  261. Bageshri says:

    lunar eclipse and precautions for pregnant woman and his husband

  262. Ratanjali says:

    effects of chandra grahan in pregnancy in islamic point of view

  263. Vijeta says:

    preventions during lunar eclipse occurs for pregnant women

  264. Abhay says:

    Safety precaution of pregnent womens during Chand girhan in roman english?

  265. Darpan says:

    myths behind indian woman whilst pregnant and eclipse

  266. Tamish says:

    Precaution for pregnant women in chandra grahan in islam

  267. Khagesh says:

    If any problem in pregnency in suraj grahan

  268. Hamsini says:

    effect of moon eclipse on pregnant women in islamic point of view

  269. Amardeep says:

    Precaution for pregnant women in chandra garhan in islam

  270. Srinivas says:

    effects of lunar eclipse on pregnant women in islam

  271. Yamha says:

    can a pregnant woman walk inside home during chandra grahan

  272. Lokesh says:

    Precaution for pregnant women in islam chandra grahan

  273. Suchet says:

    in islam what precaution to be taken by pregnant women during lunar eclipse

  274. Shubhra says:

    what to do a pregnant muslim woman when chandra grahan

  275. Stavita says:

    as per islam what is the role of chandra grahan

  276. Shashibala says:

    bad effects of using scissors during lunar eclipse

  277. Suvidh says:

    Scientific care 4 pregnant women in Chand grahan

  278. Artagnan says:

    is it safe for pregnent lady to see moon esclip in islam

  279. Shushma says:

    pregnancy what to do during lunar eclipse astrology in muslim religious

  280. Mina says:

    What is the effect on chandragrahan on pregnant women

  281. Gadadhar says:

    what a pregnent lady do to have baby boy in lunar eclips

  282. Vani says:

    islamic chandra grahan can husband and wife intercouse

  283. Gagandeep says:

    pregnant woman can drink water just after lunar eclipse

  284. Vishantak says:

    why do pregnant lady sits quiet in eclipse

  285. Angaja says:

    pregnant women care during chandra grahan in islam

  286. Sandeep says:

    scientific iectfts of chandra gryhan for pregnant women

  287. Kiranmayi says:

    precautions as per andhra customs for pregnant women during chandra grahan

  288. Raajeev says:

    impact of chand grahan during pregnancy in islam

  289. Gul says:

    islamically are pregnant women not allowed to cut during lunar eclipse?yahoo answers

  290. Abhitha says:

    chand grahan islamic point of view for pregnant women

  291. Raven says:

    how to take precotion from lunar eclips islamic point of view

  292. Ratnabali says:

    What effects are chand grahan at human life

  293. Neelesh says:

    open doors for pregnant woman during lunar eclips

  294. Tavish says:

    on the day chandra grahan pregnant people how they have to take care

  295. Jayalalita says:

    wat a pregnent woman sud do in moon eclipse according to islam

  296. Mrigankamouli says:

    how pregnant women takecare of herself in moon eclispe

  297. Paandurang says:

    is it harm during pregancy the lunar eclipse

  298. Gannaath says:

    lunar eclipse for pregnant women – what problem occurred

  299. Mandeepa says:

    effects of partial lunar eclipse on unborn babies in womb

  300. Venuka says:

    what happens when lunar eclipse rays fall on pregnent woman

  301. Naisha says:

    if eclipse rays falls on pregnant women in islam

  302. Karunesh says:

    lunar ecplise is good or bad for pregnant woman

  303. Ishana says:

    scientific reasons for taking precautions during lunar eclipse in pregnancy

  304. Naggar says:

    after effects of chand grahan according to Islam

  305. Khyati says:

    going out in lunar eclipse cause any problem to pregnant women

  306. Sridatri says:

    is it real grahanam will affect pregnant women

  307. Trilok says:

    what happened if pregant women goes outside on chandragrahan day

  308. Drupad says:

    what is the time of yesterday grahanam does it affects the pregnant women

  309. Gul says:

    19 hours after chandragrahan what precaution pregnant womens has to follow

  310. Tushar says:

    effect of sneezing during pregnancy on lunar eclipse

  311. Analaa says:

    effects of chandra grahan on pregnant muslim women

  312. Devaj says:

    why pregnant women need to be careful during eclipse

  313. Hemang says:

    why going in eclipse is harmful for pregnant woman

  314. Akash says:

    during pregnancy which month care when chand/ surya grahan

  315. Vasusen says:

    should we take precaution if eclipse is mot visible in our country

  316. Sheen says:

    can a pregnent women go in the surya ghrahan to out door

  317. Vidyaranya says:

    Now iam pregnent What are precautions should i take while lunar and solar eclipse

  318. Sachh says:

    negative reasons why you should not see lunar eclipse

  319. Neeraja says:

    how true is the eclipse effect pregnant women

  320. Lekha says:

    what are the benefits of pregnant woman during solar eclipse

  321. Raajeev says:

    can bone more baby girls at the time of amavasya

  322. Gunvant says:

    on eclipse pregnant woman can she closed her door

  323. Anjana says:

    is it true that lunar eclipse effects on pregnancy

  324. Saumitr says:

    why a pregnant women not allowed in surya grahan

  325. Raveena says:

    if i delivered my baby on the day of surya grahan good or bad

  326. Hemangi says:

    what happened if baby born on surya grahan

  327. Abhirath says:

    what to wear on a solar eclipses been pregnant

  328. Samarendra says:

    do pregnant women have to take care if eclipse is not seen in their country

  329. Malay says:

    does solar eclipse of may 2013 will effect pregnant women in india

  330. Mantra says:

    what precautions to be taken by pregnant women during sutak

  331. Gyaneshwar says:

    is it true the solar eclipse effect on baby in the womb

  332. Malli says:

    eclipse & pregnant women – precautions during surya grahan nasa opinion

  333. Udantika says:

    effect of partial solar eclipse on pregnant women

  334. Vitthal says:

    what does the catholic church teach solar eclipse having effect on pregnancies

  335. Kanha says:

    keyes infront of a pregnant womans stomach for an eclipse

  336. Amshu says:

    does solar eclipse affect the pregnant women in hindu brisbane

  337. Devanshi says:

    can pregnant can go to washroom during solar eclips

  338. Acharya says:

    is solar eclipse in australia dangerous for pregnant women in bangkok

  339. Akshobhya says:

    effects of eclipse to pregnant women according to science

  340. Tamali says:

    moon as well as sun eclipse are dangerous for pergnant women and ther children

  341. Purva says:

    is lunar eclipse affect the foetus of pregnant lady

  342. Chairavali says:

    in islam do we believe in surya grahan

  343. Ajanta says:

    can pregnant women eat food during solar eclipse islam

  344. Paramananda says:

    Is eclips can affect the pregnant woman baby

  345. Saachi says:

    is there is any reaction of solar eclipse on pregnant women

  346. Souradip says:

    suraj grahan views in islamic point of view

  347. Radhavallabh says:

    is it true that an eclipse can harm a unborn baby?

  348. Shilpita says:

    can a solar eclipse affect an unborn baby

  349. Kiraat says:

    prevention during pregnancy on chandra grahan on 25th may

  350. Raman says:

    pregnancy and chandra grahan in islam point of view

  351. Tanisi says:

    id the eclipse not visible in my country shall pregnant woment still need to take precation

  352. Shreeparna says:

    if grahean is not show in country so what its results

  353. Samudragupta says:

    effect of moon eclipse on pregnancy in urdu

  354. Birbal says:

    effects of chandra grahan on pregnant women in islam

  355. Amaan says:

    ehow does surya grahan and chandragrahan affect pregnant woman accrding muslim hadees

  356. Vinoo says:

    what not to do during pregnancy blind beliefs

  357. Nadeesh says:

    wht do pregnant women have toput on there bellys whn an eclipse is comin

  358. Uttam says:

    suraj grahan effect fetus of pregnant lady is scintificaly prove

  359. Jithvar says:

    is there any scientific explanation on the relationship between eclipse and prenancy

  360. Anshumat says:

    what can happen if you are 2months pregnant and theres an eclipse

  361. Ripudaman says:

    as per hindu mythology what about pregnent womens

  362. Himaanshu says:

    scientific reason of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse

  363. Suprakash says:

    what will happen if a girl is born on chandra grahanam

  364. Shrikala says:

    ia their any effect of surya grahan on foetus

  365. Padmahasta says:

    scientific reason why pregnant women are not allowed to view the lunar eclipse

  366. Sundhuja says:

    as per hindu religion supersticions can women get pregnant during july

  367. Vairat says:

    janmashtami vrat in prenancy its good or bad

  368. Bhuvi says:

    why cant you eat sour things during shukravar vrat

  369. Anandi says:

    why is it bad for a pregnant woman to go out in an eclipse

  370. Dharamvir Singh says:

    Pehla tan mangal greh naal pange lende ho hun kio darde ho Satnam Sri Waheguru ji

  371. Revathy says:

    Hi, I wanted to know whether Chandra grahanam or surya grahanam will affect a pregnant women who is just or about to get conceive after period. Will it affect one week pregnant women. Am so afraid that time I didn’t know that am pregnant and didn’t take precaution which pregnant women should take during grahanam

  372. Yudhveer says:

    Which time is start surya grahan in india 13 sep 2015 tell me

  373. rohit says:

    kal chandragrahan up mein bhi hoga.bataye

  374. pushpendra says:

    Which time is started chandragrahan in India 27 September 2015

  375. shubha says:

    dear revathi,

    your question resembles my tragedy. even I din,t know that day was grahanam I had embryo transfer a part of ivf treatment, I had a baby born with right thumb hypoplastic.

    don’t be afraid I hope you already had a healthy delivered baby by this time. All the very best.

  376. mim akter says:

    Please tell me. When Chandra grahon start and. Finished in this month February.and. must b tell me start time to ending time also very wife is pregnant. 1st time.I hope I help me admean.lots of hope bro for u and ur awanwere so Lozano tell me.from Dhaka bd

  377. Rionica Dsilva says:

    It’s all a myth . Total bullshit. Ignorance of the uneducated.

    • SR says:


      Right. You are the only “EDUCATED” ..Hope you do well in life. “Ignorance is bliss” applies to you very well.

  378. Ravindran says:

    So many questions asked but no answers.

  379. ranjitha says:

    Today chandra grahanam timeing start to end