Pregnancy and Eclipse: Scientific Reasons behind Pregnant Care during Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahan

There will be some effects from solar eclipse & lunar eclipse on pregnant women and their pregnancy. As per Hinduism and some other cultures in the world, pregnant women should take prior care during Grahan. But it also has some scientific reasons. Dr. Aprana Saxena has researched on some pregnant rats that are affected with the radioactive rays during the time of Sampoorn Surya Grahan (Total Solar Eclipse).

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Why Pregnancy of a woman is affected – Why should a pregnant woman should take care during Grahan or Eclipse?

Dr. Aparna Saxena has found that some of the rats which were examined by her were delivered small-sized babies, some other affected rats had undergone abortion and some other rats delivered disabled and abnormal babies. It has to be noted that some of the affected rats delivered baby rats which have ruptured bone marrow.

Not only animals and human, Grahan also affects plants. Some researches said that Onion and Sorghum plants were affected by the Eclipse. According to the research of Dr. S.P. Goswami and Usha Goswami, Sea animals are also affected with the rays during Grahan. During the time of Grahan, X- rays are released from Sun and Moon. The X- rays can affect the licing world. This phenomenon is referred as ‘Cosmic radiation.


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These scientific researches prove that the rituals and aachars followed by a pregnant woman during Grahanam have scientific evidences. It also proves that Hinduism is not an only a religion but the healthy way of human living and the existence of the world.

Other Scientific evidences and proven reasons on Grahan or Eclipse

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  1. Tanisi says:

    id the eclipse not visible in my country shall pregnant woment still need to take precation

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  21. Revathy says:

    Hi, I wanted to know whether Chandra grahanam or surya grahanam will affect a pregnant women who is just or about to get conceive after period. Will it affect one week pregnant women. Am so afraid that time I didn’t know that am pregnant and didn’t take precaution which pregnant women should take during grahanam

  22. Yudhveer says:

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    dear revathi,

    your question resembles my tragedy. even I din,t know that day was grahanam I had embryo transfer a part of ivf treatment, I had a baby born with right thumb hypoplastic.

    don’t be afraid I hope you already had a healthy delivered baby by this time. All the very best.

  26. mim akter says:

    Please tell me. When Chandra grahon start and. Finished in this month February.and. must b tell me start time to ending time also very wife is pregnant. 1st time.I hope I help me admean.lots of hope bro for u and ur awanwere so Lozano tell me.from Dhaka bd

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    It’s all a myth . Total bullshit. Ignorance of the uneducated.

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