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Pranahitha Pushkaralu 2010 – Pranahitha River Pushkaram in Andhra Pradesh

Pranahitha Pushkaralu or Pranahitha River Pushkaralu or Pranitha river pushkaralu will be held in Andhra Pradesh from 6 December to 17 December 2010. The Pushkaram will be held in 3 mandals of Adilabad district, in Arjunagutta village (Kothapalle mandal), Vemanapalle (Vemanapalle mandal), and Thummalahotta (Kowthapalle mandal). Pranahita Pushkaram starts on Vikrutinama samvatsara Margashira Shukla Padyami (first day of Margashira month) during the transition of Guru graham (Bruhaspathi graham – Jupiter) to Meena Rashi (4th Padam of Purvabhadra nakshatram). This river is a tributary of Godavari.

Pranahitha Pushkaralu lasts for 12 days which ends on 17 December 2010. Actually, Pranitha river (also known as Tapti river or Tapi river) originates from Multai (a town in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh) and flows in western and some northern parts of India such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. Tapti River, popularly known as Pranahitha River in Andhra Pradesh, enters into the state at Koutala mandal of Adilabad.

The important holy places to observe Pranitha river Pushkara snanam are – Multai and Kaleshwaram. Mukteshwaraswamy Temple is the famous Shiva temple in Karimnagar district.

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  1. Rishita says:

    when was the godavari puskaralu 2013 or 2014