Pralayakala Veerabadra Swamy Temple, Bangalore

Sri Pralayakala Veerabadra swamy Temple is located in Bangalore Kavipuram Guddahalli, in Bangalore, Karnataka.  At present, the temple is managed by Sri Pralayakala Veerabadra Swami Devasthanam. The presiding deity of this shrine is Pralayakala Veerabadrar.

The type of pooja performed in this shrine is known as Veera Saivagama. The shrine is approximately 500-1000 years old. The scared tree is the shrine premises is Vilwa and scaredwater is Kalyani Theertham.

It is to be remembered that the procession deity and his wife Parsuddha Devi are taken for a circle in the shrine town on the religious auspicious days. The shrine’s specialty is that Lord Veerabadra is facing towards north and has hands holding conch, discus, Bana, trident, serpent and Mazhu (an axe-like weapon).

Ardent followers plus admirers after realizing their desire and wishes offer garlands made of Nagalinga flowers, Vilwa and Tulsi. The shrine is open from early morning to mid-noon and then in the evening hours to dusk. The primary festivals of this shrine are Rathasaptami in January-February, Aavani Mondays in August-September, on the last Tuesday of Karthikai month and Rudrabishekam is offered to Lord on Tuesdays celebrated with festivity.

It is to be noted that Sri Pralayakala Veerabadrar shrine is the most sought-after pilgrimage site from the ancient and medieval period and also in the present. Special pujas and rituals plus homams are conducted in this shrine as per the ancient Hindu practices.  Ardent followers plus admirers from nook and corner of the state and country visit this shrine with great devotion and dedication.

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