Praise the God even when we have been thrown out in fire

Even when we have been thrown out in the fire by someone, we must not curse the god, and at that time also, we have to pray to him wholeheartedly. If we develop sincere bhakti on the almighty, even the fire god would not cause harm to us, and even if we have been burnt into ashes, we would not get any pain in our body.

Lord Shiva is the master of the universe, and he contains fire on his third eye, and he used to dance in the fire also. By worshipping him at our worst moments, he would definitely hear our call, and would come to rescue us from dangers.

Bhakti is the one which cannot be destroyed by anyone in this universe. When the sages performed meditation on the almighty, due to their bhakti, even the god of heavens, Lord Indra was unable to disturb their penance. Bhakti comes throughout our life, and the powers acquired out of bhakti would be carried forward to our next birth also. Even the almighty cannot destroy our bhakti, and he would definitely give favourable results for our bhakti.

The great saint Kanakadasa, was previously ruled a small kingdom in Karnataka, and he was a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu. His original name was Thimmappa Nayaka. Once during a war, he was badly injured, and due to that, he began to cry, and asked the Lord to help him, “OH, MY SWEET KRISHNA! PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THIS WAR, SINCE IAM SUFFERING FROM SEVERE PAIN IN MY BODY”. Then he immediately heard a divine voice from the sky, and it had ordered him to become a saint and to sing songs on Lord Krishna. Thimmappa also had agreed, and immediately all the wounds contained in his body was miraculously healed. With much joy and devotion, Thimmappa joined with the great saint Sri Vyasaraja at Vijayanagar kingdom, as his disciple and began to write bhakti songs on Lord Krishna, and also sung in praise of him.

Likewise we must have to keep chanting the holy names of the almighty throughout our life, since at any time, anything can happen to us. As per our fate, if we are supposed to die through fire burns, then that would definitely happen to us. But if we keep strong faith on the almighty, god would make some changes on our fate, and would reduce the punishment to certain extent. Instead of getting burned throughout our body, he would make us to get small injuries on our body, and he would also make us to get recovered soon from the small injuries also based on our sincere devotion on him.


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