Prahladini, Prahlada’s daughter

Prahladini was the daughter of the great Vishnu Bhagavata Sri Prahalada and Ma Devi, and her only brother was Virochana, who has died at his young age itself, due to the cunning act of the Devas. The details about the pure and pious Princess Prahladini were mentioned in the Holy Text, Sri Prahalada Mahatmya. Similar to her father, Prahalada, Prahladini had cultivated great Vishnu Bhakti from her young age onwards, and her bhakti can be described similar to the Bhakti shown by Ma Andal towards Lord Krishna.

Prahladini had learnt Vedas, Shastras, Ithihasas and Puranas from her father Prahalada itself. She never got married with anyone, since she considered Lord Vishnu as everything for her. She also participated in the Devasura battles along with her father, but when Lord Vishnu supported the Devas during the battles, she fled away from the battle field along with her father Prahalada, since she gave much respect to Lord Vishnu. Similar to her father Prahalada, she has dedicated her entire life towards worshipping Lord Vishnu, day and night, and even during her sleep, Lord Vishnu only has appeared in her dreams.

It is believed that during the previous Dwapara Yuga, Prahladini had taken birth with a different name, and faithfully served as a maid to Ma Rukmini, and she loved both of her masters, Lord Krishna and Ma Rukmini, so much, and they also treated her like their own daughter, and gave more privilege to her.

Those who keep great bhakti on Bhagavan, would be able to serve him for ever, even if they take so many births! We have to keep strong faith and bhakti towards the almighty, like the holy Prahladini. In most of the texts, the name of Ma Prahladini was not mentioned, and it was almost hidden. In order to bring the pious characters before the eyes of the readers, I have been taking much painstaking efforts, and I always used to refer to various ancient Hindu texts, in order to introduce the ancient forgotten holy characters to the world. Hence, let us worship our Holy mother Prahladini and our great Sri Bhakta Prahalada and let us be blessed.


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