Practice those qualities which you believe in – Personality Development Quote

Here is the spiritual and moral story provided by Hare Krishna Movement. If kindness, patience, honesty, and generosity are qualities that you believe in, you make every effort to practice those qualities at work.

Treat people with kindness and respect. If someone is late or makes a mistake, you try to be patient. Even if it’s your job or appropriate to reprimand someone, you do so from a foundation of love and respect.

In a given day, you have so many opportunities to practice patience, acts of kindness, and forgiveness. You have time to think loving thoughts, smile, embrace others, and practice gratitude. You can practice being non-defensive and a better listener.

You can try to be compassionate, particularly with difficult or abrasive people. Practice the way you greet people and deal with conflict. You can practice in virtually everything that you do.

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