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Poojas at Ujjaini Mahakali Temple, Secunderabad

Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahakali Temple

Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahakali Temple

List of Sevas & Poojas at Ujjaini Mahakali Temple, Secunderabad is given here. Archana, Aarathi, Pallaki Seva and Chandi Homam are the most common sevas performed at Ujjaini Mahakali Temple, Secunderabad, Telangana.

Bonalu is the the most celebrated festival at Ujjaini Mahakali Temple. Durga Sharan Navaratri, Shravana Masam poojalu, Magha Maasa Poojalu, Shakambari Utsavam, etc,. are the big festivals celebrated at this temple.

List of Poojas with details of payment

Pooja / Offering Online Charges including the Service Tax for the Payment Gateway
Rs (For Online Payment)

Sahastra Nama Archana – 125 (*)

Nitya Aarathi – 125 (*)

Abhishekam – 150 (*)

Swarna Pushparachana – 125 (*)

Pallaki Seva (Tuesday, Friday 6.00 pm) – 225 (*)

Chandi Homam (Pournami only) – 1116 (*)

Laksha Pushparchana – 2751 (*)

Ghatam Pushpa Alankaram per day – (only during Aashda Jathra) – 2767 (*)

All pooja items should be borne by the devotees


A) Pulihora (1 Kg) – 175 (*)
B) Chakari Pongal (1 Kg) – 275 (*)
C) Bella Pongal (1 Kg) – 275 (*)
D) Dadojanamu (1 Kg) – 125 (*)
E) Chanagalu (1 Kg ) – 125 (*)
F) Rava Kesari (1 Kg ) – 275 (*)

Anadanam per Day – 751 (*)
Shasvatha Anadanam per day per year – 5985 (*)
Shasvatha Pooja per day per year ( After Completion of One Year Of Payment on the day chosen by the devotee) – 1690 (*)
Shasvatha Chandi Homam – 10926 (*)

NOTE : (*) Online Payment Gateway Service Tax

Abhishekam is performed for the goddess receiving the gothram and names.

On the Poornima day every month “Chandi Homam” is performed in the temple for the peace/welfare in the world (Loka Kalyanam). Devotees who wish to participate in this program have to pay Rs.816/- to the temple. During the performance of Homam, Ghotram and names of the devotees are recited and prasadam is given thereafter.

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