Pitru Paksha 2017 | Mahalaya Paksha Shraddh 2017

Pitru Paksha (Mahalaya Paksha, Apara Paksha, Shraddh Paksha) is a fortnight dedicated to dead ancestors and forefathers. In 2017, Pitru Paksha starts on September 6 and ends with Mahalaya Amavasya on September 20.

During Pitru Paksha, dead ancestors are offered special rites and rituals. Pitru Paksha Shraddh begins on Ashwin Krishna Pratipada or first day of Ashwin month as per North Indian calendar. It starts on Bhadrapad Krishna Pratipada as per Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Kannada calendars.

Get Pitru Paksha Shraddh Timings on Pitru Paksha days… 

For detailed Pitru Paksha Vidhi or procedure, you can read this article….

During Pitru Paksha, each day is dedicated to different section of dead ancestors.. such as dead women, dead children, accidentally dead ancestors, etc.

Here is the detailed calendar or schedule of Pitru Paksha 2017

Purnima Shraddh – September 5

Pratipada Shraddh – September 6

Dwitiya Shraddh – September 7

Tritiya Shraddh – September 8

Chaturthi Shraddh – September 9

Panchami Shraddh – September 10

Sashti Shraddh – September 11

Saptami Shraddh – September 12

Ashtami Shraddh – September 13 – Madhvashtami or Arudrashtami

Navami Shraddh – September 14 – Avidhava Navami or Avidhva Navami (Matru Navami)

Dashami Shraddh – September 15

Ekadashi Shraddh – September 16 – Indira Ekadashi

Dwadasi Shraddh – September 17 – Yateenam Mahalaya Shraddh or Yathi Dwadashi, Trayodashi Shraddh, Balbolaniteras

Trayodasi Shraddh – September 18 – Shraddh Chaturdashi, Ghat Chaturdashi

Mahalaya Amavasya Shraddh 2017 – September 19 – Shraddh Chaturdashi or Ghat Chaturdasi

Matamaha Shraddh – September 20

Pitru Paksha dates in Other Countries

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in USA & Canada – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in UK & Europe – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in UAE & Gulf countries – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in Singapore – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in Malaysia – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in South Africa & African countries – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in Australia – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in New Zealand – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in Mauritius – September 6 to September 20

Pitru Paksha 2017 date in Maldives – September 6 to September 20

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  1. Anesh Devlall says:

    I wish to know how to perform the Pitru Paksh pooja. Please advise from 1st day to last; what has to be done and how?
    We have one huge problem in South Africa in that everyone seems to have their own way and I’m totally unsure of which the right way is.

  2. anuradha says:

    I would like to know in next year 2012 when will be start pitrupaksha because my daugher wants to get married in september or october so pl let me know thanks

  3. Kamini says:

    Hi, My delivery date is fall in these days, Could you please let me know , my baby will face any kind of problem in his/her life.

  4. santosh kadu says:

    is it that during pitrupaksh period that is from 13th sep’11 to 27th sep’11,pregnant lady should not travel to their mother’s home

  5. C.Ramasundaram says:

    Please let me know whether we will get Purohits/Pandits/Vadhyars (TAMIL) to perform the Mahalaya Paksha 2012 Amavasya Pitru Sharaddh at NASIK TRIMBAKESHWAR. If so pl give me contact numbers and addresses.

    You may inform me over my email.

    C. Ramasundaram

  6. Shiv Sharma says:

    Hello Hindupad,
    I would like yo know the exact days this pitru pakasha is supposed to be as far as I am concern it should be for 15 days but your calandar says 16days hos ithis is possible please let me know the logistics

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      There is a Shunya Tithi on October 2, 2012. It is observed as Bharani Shraddh but not as Chaturthi Shraddh. Chaturthi Shraddh is on October 4, 2012. As Mahalaya Paksha begins on the day where Purnima also coincides with Pratipada day, it would happen.. Though, it is very rare…

  7. Venkatesh says:

    Other than Srirangapatna, T.Narsipura, Nanjangud are there any other places/person performing Piturpaksha(in and around Bangalore/Mysore). If so please provide the contact details(Mob no.) etc.

  8. G Srihari says:

    can you please let me know if palghat iyers are required to perform on all the days of pitru paksha. Also , can all the sons perform individually.

  9. Shardul says:

    any one day puja is perform for putraprapti in trayambkeshwar

  10. Gorochana says:

    auspicious days in April for a baby to be born in the South african hindu calender

  11. Avkash says:

    shraddha tithi from tamil date to english date

  12. Pranoy says:

    is shradh amavasya is auspicious for child birth

  13. Tulsi says:

    pitar paksh dates for 2017 in south africa

  14. Vaisakhi says:

    is it auspisious to have babies during shradh

  15. Vinahast says:

    what happens if children are born in pitru paksha days

  16. Tautik says:

    is it safe to deliver in shradh period

  17. Shirdi Prasad says:

    is it good to deliver a baby in shraadh time

  18. Suchit says:

    pitru paksha amavasya sep 2017 for new born birth

  19. Mandara says:

    if a baby is born on pratipada shraddha pitri paksha how auspicious it is?

  20. Anju says:

    when is pitar paksh starting and what time in south africa

  21. Mrigasya says:

    is it ok deliver a baby during pitru paksha

  22. Vidisha says:

    when is pitar pak start in south africa

  23. Siddharth says:

    is it auspicious to babies born in shradh

  24. Prasata says:

    what if a baby is born on pitar paksh

  25. Daya says:

    13 th of Sep 2017 was which Shradh

  26. Sanskar says:

    what happens if baby born in pitru paksha

  27. Bulbul says:

    good place to do pitru pooja in srirangapatna

  28. Suprabhaat says:

    date and time pithar pakash start in 2017

  29. Siddheshwar says:

    how to observe Pitru Paksha in South Africa

  30. Aparoopa says:

    please tell me if if child born during pitru paksha is bad

  31. Anasuya says:

    what if a baby is born during shradh

  32. Tilottama says:

    when is first water for pitru paksha 2017 south africa

  33. Gurudas says:

    on the 20th what time does pitar pak start

  34. Shyama says:

    what time does pitru paksha 2017 end south africa

  35. Shashibala says:

    pitar pak 2017 what time does it start

  36. Subhendu says:

    what if child is born in shraddh paksh

  37. Gunjan says:

    pitar pak ash in south africa what time it starts

  38. Menaka says:

    pitr paksh start and end time in south africa

  39. Vajraang says:

    can we do pitru paksha if a baby is born

  40. Jhumar says:

    when does pitra paksh begin in south africa

  41. Virochan says:

    which day does the dwitiya tithi fall on the pitr paksh of e0wr

  42. Shrina says:

    what time does pitr pak start in south africa

  43. Kirin says:

    what happens if a baby is born in pitru paksha

  44. Poorna says:

    if a baby born in shraadh is it good

  45. Ratnabala says:

    is it inauspicious to have a baby during shradhs

  46. Harjit says:

    Pitar sarad full detail date & time last date 2017 in hindi

  47. Aaditeya says:

    when is pitr paksha 2017 in south africa

  48. Toshan says:

    shraddha tithi with start and end time 2017

  49. Deveedaas says:

    what time pithar paksha starts in south africa

  50. Mrinank says:

    wat is pitar pak wen is it starting in 2017

  51. Gaurnitai says:

    what is the starting date for Mahalaya in 2017

  52. Kaartikeya says:

    what time does pitru paksha start in south africa ?

  53. Ketan says:

    can I do my baby 9 day on pitru paksha

  54. Vanraaj says:

    what time does pitr paksh commence in south afr

  55. Alakananda says:

    what time does pitr paksha start in 2017 south africa

  56. Kaajal says:

    2017 pitar pak time starts at what time

  57. Ompati says:

    what is the right way to do pithar paksha

  58. Abhishek says:

    what is the right way to offer water during pithar paksha

  59. Chittaranjan says:

    Pitar paksha 2017 date and time in south africa

  60. Yamya says:

    in the hindu calendar what time does pitar pak start

  61. Ekaksha says:

    what time is pitar paksh starting and from when do we offer water

  62. Sulakshana says:

    what time does pitru paksha start in south afri

  63. Kannaki says:

    what time is pithr pakh starting on the 19 september 2017

  64. Ichaa says:

    when will pitra paksh start for year 2017

  65. Tanav says:

    when does pitr paksh start in south africa

  66. Kaushik says:

    being out with a newborn during pitru paksha

  67. Vedavrata says:

    2017 pitru paksh date and time in south africa

  68. Indurekha says:

    what time is pitar pak staring for hindus for 19 september 2017

  69. Charan says:

    what time does pitar pak start for sep 2017

  70. Bhanuprakash says:

    what time is pitar pak start in 2017

  71. Aashna says:

    simple way to offer water for pithar paksha

  72. Ajay says:

    can my baby go visiting during pitar pak

  73. Trupti says:

    the correct way to offer water during pithar paksh

  74. Samudrasen says:

    when is the mahalaya periods for 2017 starts

  75. Hima says:

    during pitaar paksh what can a pregnant woman do

  76. Avnita says:

    want to know about pritu paksh from when it start and ends

  77. Jivin says:

    what time does pitru paksha end in 2017 in south africa

  78. Sihaam says:

    can u go to tirupati during pitra paksha

  79. Vineet says:

    how to perform mahalaya paksham 2017 at home

  80. Tirupathi says:

    is it inauspicious to deliver baby during pitri paksh

  81. Sanjana says:

    is it bad if a baby born in pitri pak time

  82. Panini says:

    when giving water in pithar pak can we go visiting

  83. G krishnan says:

    On the thithi day of your dad, you can perform tharpanam ,as usual ,then at the end ,chant gothra of dead sister,her husband if dead,elder brother ,his wife, then younger brother ,his deceased wife,then maternal uncle ,his wife then father in law .mother in law,brother in law and his wife ,all with their respective gothra s and offer one tharpanam ritual with thil
    Mathram to bechanted
    Thath thath gothran s thath thath sarmana ha,vasu vasu hu,swarupaan, pithrubh yaa ha,mathulani , vargathvaya ,sarwaan karunyapithruun,swadha namaas tharpayaami , offer 3 times tharpanam
    Then as usual perform yadhasthaanam pradhistapa yaami
    Pradhakshina namaskar

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