Physical Appearance of Divine Saints and Holy Avatars



God is creating people with different faces, different behaviour and different appearance. Some may look very handsome, and some may look very ugly. In general, we should not like or dislike the people according to their appearance, and we must like only their kind soul. Many kind hearted people’s appearance might look very ugly, and many handsome people might do wrong things in their life.

Even the ancient great sages would contain beard in their face and contains a normal look, but they contain great spiritual powers. The great Shirdi SaiBaba and Guru Raghavendra contain a normal appearance, but they contain great spiritual powers, and healed lot of their devotees, and they are still healing the diseases of their devotees.

Similarly the divine gods like Hanuman, Vinayaka, Nandi and Garuda contains animal-human and bird-human appearance. They are occupying a very good position, and blessing their devotees. Lord Shiva wears tiger skin, contains drums and skulls and used to wander in the burial grounds, but he is having the entire universe in his body.

Mostly, demons would look very ugly and do cruel acts, and cause threats to the humans. But the great demon king Bhakta Prahlada, contain a majestic look, and he is very handsome and good natured, and he changed the cruel minded demons into good ones.

The great Daksha Bhagavan had lost his human head during the Yagna, and he was fitted with goat’s head and in that appearance itself, he looks very beautiful and contains a pleasing appearance. The snake gods like Takshaka, Karkotaka and Aryaka contain human heads and snake bodies, and they contain great powers. They can travel to any place at any time, and they do not suffer from diseases, and looks healthier. But we humans, even if we contain good appearance, we are suffering from various kinds of physical and mental diseases, and in course of time, we are considering our diseases as a part and parcel of our life.

Judging a person’s nature cannot be done on the basis of his physical appearance. God has created this body for the purpose of living our life, and based on our karmic deeds, we are getting either good or bad appearance.

Many people would look too short, and some people would look very tall, it all depends on their parent’s genes. The great Greek scholar Socrates looked very ugly, but he was a great philosopher during his period. The great French Emperor Napoleon was very short, but he has run his life successfully by ruling the French empire in a prosperous manner.

Hence let us worship the almighty to give us a good health, wealth and a very good behaviour, and let us show our kindness to others.


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