Phool Bangla Utsav in Banke Bihariji Temple of Vrindavan

Phool Bangla Utsav in Vrindavan is a festival celebrated for many days, starting from Chaitra Shukla Ekadasi up to Haryali Amavasya (Shravan Amavasya). In Vrindavan, during Phool Bangla, the festival of flowers, Lord Shri Banke Bihariji enjoys the fragrance and the ambience of summer flowers.

In 2017, Phool Bangla starts on April 7 (Kamada Ekadasi) and ends on July 23 (Haryali Amavasya).

During Phool Bangla, Lord Thakurji is adorned with leaves and flowers. The leaves of Vatvriksha (Banyan) are decorated as garlands and many types of ornaments and adorned to the Lord Bihariji.

Phool Bangla is the decorated home to seat Lord Bihariji. Phool Bangla is a very beautiful festive occasion as every devotee wants to see the scene at least once in life time.

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  1. Avinash Awasthi says:

    Phool bangla is a festival celebrated for few months from Chaitra Ekadashi to Haryali Amavasya in Shrawan month. Nice information.
    Jai Banke Bihariji

  2. ishan says:

    jai shri krishna m ishan from sultanpur lodhi district kapurthala punjab india
    i just want to know that any utsav is going to take place in vrindaven in these mnths October, November or December

    hare krishna !

  3. Jinisha says:

    major festivals of shree banke bihariji temple of 2013-14

  4. Shakunt says:

    daily phool bangla darshan of bihariji temple in vrindavan

  5. Masara says:

    phool bangla of banke bihari on 5 7 2013

  6. Vidisha says:

    till which date phool bangla are there in vrindavan

  7. Jaisukh says:

    what is the date of phool bangla utsav in vrindavan