Pattu Peethambaradhari

radha krishna playing basuri

radha krishna playing basuri

Dhoti also known as Veshti in Tamil is also known as Peethambaram, when it is adorned to the deities present in the temples. Lord Vishnu when he is adorned with Peethambaram, made out of silk material, is famously called as “PATTU PEETHAMBARADHARI”.

Ancient people used the parlance Peethambaram for Dhotis. Lord Vishnu is very much fond of wearing costly garments and ornaments, and it is our duty to adorn him with these favourite items, whenever we are interested to do such a good task. Lord Krishna is also called as “KABADADARI”, the one who does things very cleverly for the goodness of his devotees, he is also called as “VESHADARI”, the one who keep changing his nature very frequently, for the sake of the welfare of his devotees, and also called as “MAYAVI”, the one who uses his magic powers for safeguarding his devotees. Some of the devotees used to fondly describe Lord Krishna as a thief, since during his childhood he used to steal butter from his neighbourhood playfully.

In the temple of Guruvayur, the priests would change the costumes, especially the Peethambaram of the Guruvayurappan deity every day, and they would decorate him with rich ornaments and wonderful costumes, as a token of expressing their bhakti on the almighty. If we have a small idol of Lord Krishna in our home, we can also decorate him with nice Peethambaram made out of silk, and also we can adorn him with flower and flower garlands. In the temple of Tirumala, costly Peethambaram would be adorned to Lord Venkateswara every day and most of the Peethambarams would be received from the devotees as donation from them.

We are spending huge money towards buying expensive dresses for our own children, and that is our duty also. But in some cases, though we might have taken good care towards our children, some children after becoming adults might ignore their parents, and some of them might also leave them alone. But if we adorn costly garments and rich ornaments to Lord Krishna even in our imagination, then the wonderful divine little boy would never leave us alone, but would come with us throughout our life, and would serve us like our own affectionate child.

Hence let us pay more and more attention on worshipping Lord Krishna, and let us offer him Silk Peethambaram to the temples meant for him, every year,especially during Krishna Jayanti Festival Day, in order to get his everlasting blessings.


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