Pashankusha Ekadashi Story, Vrat Katha

Pashankusha Ekadashi Story, Vrat Katha. Pashankusha Ekadashi legend, story of Pashankusha Ekadashi Vrata. What is the story of Pashankusha Ekadashi Vrata?

Pashankusha Ekadashi, the day of lotus-naveled Lord Padmanabha, in the Brahma Vaivatra Purana, has been explained as the most auspicious occasion of the highest merit which removes all the sins.

On the request of the Dharamraj, Yudhisdhira Maharaj, Shri Krishna tells that the Papankusha Ekadashi which falls on the light fortnight of the month of Ashvina (September-October), removes all the sins of the Devotees who worship whole heartedly Lord Vishnu according the Archna Vidhi (regulations), it not only removes all the sins of Devotee but offers heavenly pleasures and libration from the world thereafter too.

Through just worshiping of Lord Vishnu on this Occasion, one can achieve easily the same merit which can be obtained by toughest way of restraining and controlling senses. A person can escape from the hellish punishment too via just paying obeisance to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu.

On occasion of the Ekadashi, Any child, young or old who chants the various name of the Shri Hari Vishnu can achieve the same and equal merits of all the holy Tirthas of this planet and never sees the Yamraj, the God of death. Fasting on Ekadashi is sixteen times more than performing one hundred horse sacrifices and one hundred Rajsura sacrifices.

A person who does not hold the fast on Ekadashi can never be escaped from his sins by any way and his evil deeds keeps chasing him throughout his life. Any one desires libration, elevation to heavens, good health, beautiful women, wealth, and food grains, fasting on the Ekadashi is the easiest way to attain all.

One, after observing the Ekadahsi during day time, should awake in the night chanting or listening name of Shri Hari Vishnu, if possible, to attain the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu along with libration of ten generation.

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