Paramapita Sri Raghavendra Swamy

Guru Raghavendra is also known as “Paramapita”, which means, he is the “UNIVERSAL FATHER”, also known as “Paramaguru”, the “UNIVERSAL GURU”, “KarunaSagara”, shows unlimited mercy towards his devotees like a vast ocean, “KALPAVRIKSHA”, fulfils the wishes of his devotees, like the divine tree Kalpavriksha, “KAMADHENU”, fulfils the wishes of his devotees, like the divine cow, Kamadhenu, “SARVA VALLAMAIYUDAYAVAR”, his powers is spread in all the living beings in the earth, right from a small dust particle to a big elephant.

Guru Raghavendra is fulfilling the wishes of his devotees based on their karmic deeds. He used to make his devotees to perform good karmic deeds, like chanting his names, doing charity and spiritual works, inducing the devotees to visit the holy temple shrines of the deities etc. We should remember just by worshipping the god or a saint once in a day is not sufficient to cleanse our sins. It is our main duty to concentrate more and more attention on doing good things in our life. No one knows what we have done in our past births. God has created everyone differently, and while some people suffers, some would enjoy very much in the lives, and it all depends on their karma, and based on that, our lives would either be good or bad.

While some people commit suicides, some people would visit picnic sites and enjoy their life with their family. Some people would become very much boredom due to their frequent failures in their lives. We also would have noticed that some of the people even if they worship god sincerely, still they used to suffer in their lives, while some, even if they worship the god once in a day, used to live their life very cheerfully and actively, since It all depends on how we take our life, whether seriously or as happily. As per a famous saying, “Laugh even at the time, when someone murders you”, though the phrase might appear to be a silly one, but it was mainly told, in order to console ourselves during the times of our difficulties.

At frequent intervals, god used to send his divine messengers in order to mould the people in a proper manner. Divine messengers like Guru Raghavendra, Shirdi Saibaba and Ramakrishna act as a delicious sweet item to us, since by reciting their name itself, we could find our worries turn into happiness. Even the divine saints like Guru Raghavendra would not sit before us and teach each and every thing to us. It is our duty to follow their teachings and to act accordingly. But if we keep on reciting their names, surely, they stood before us in an invisible form, and would correct us, whenever we travel in the wrong path.

If we study the life history of Guru Raghavendra, we could understand how the great Guru suffered in his young age from poverty, and how he has been neglected by some people in a Food shelter, since he wore old and torn clothes.

But after becoming a Guru, he didn’t keep all these things in his mind, but showered his mercy like an ocean to all those who has sought for his help. In a famous Kannada song, the veteran Kannada actor and singer Rajkumar Sir, used to describe Guru Raghavendra as an affectionate father. There is a long way to go in our life, and during that journey, there might be also some thorns on our path, but by worshipping the great Paramapita, Guru Raghavendra, the thorns would be turned into a bed of rose flowers, and it all depends on how faithfully and sincerely we worship the divine guru Raghavendra in our life.


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