Pandu Osha 2015

Pandu Osha is a famous festival celebrated Odisha in Margashirsha Month. In 2015, Pandu Osha date is December 25.

Pandu Osha is dedicated to King Pandu (Panduraju), the father of Pandavas. Many texts also dedicate it to King Yudhishtira (Dharmaraja), the eldest of Pandavas.

Generally, Pandu Osha falls on Margashirsha Purnima, the Full Moon in Margashirsha Month according to Hindu calendar. Pandu Osha is also referred to as Pandu Purnima.

The story of Pandu Osha is associated with King Kalinga who had no children and his luck changed just after he and the queen observed Pandu Osha.

Cleaning of road by the young girls will end on Pandu Purnima. Girls celebrate this Osha for their brothers.

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