Padavedu Renuka Parameswari Temple

There is a famous temple dedicated for Ma Renuka Parameswari Devi, and it is located in Padavedu, Tamil Nadu.

Padavedu temple is a wonderful temple and Ma Renuka Devi who is considered to be an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi is a powerful goddess.This Renuka Devi Temple also called as Srisomeesar temple was praised by Shaivite Saints.

Padavedu is one of the most important ‘Shakti Devi Temples’, and in this temple, Ma Renugambigai is self-manifested offers her blessings along with the Trimurti. At the present place of this temple,ancient kings and sages were performed penance and attained liberation. Ambal Chakra was also consecrated by the great Advaita Acharya Sri AdiSankara at this temple. This temple would be usually crowded on Sundays, festival and on other government holidays.

Padavedu is the place where Sage Jamadagni, and his wife Ma Renuka, lived along with their sons. Apart from this Padavedu Temple, there are also other temples dedicated for Ma Renuka Parameswari Devi situated throughout India.

Goddess Renuka is worshipped as Yellamma in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. She is also worshipped as Manchalamman in Mantralayam. Goddess Renuka is the incarnation of Mata Parvati and she is our affectionate mother Goddess andher name and type of worship changes from place to place.

According to the Legend, Renuka was the wife of Sage Jamadagni, and since he had suspected her of infidelity, he asked Parashurama to remove her head. Lord Parashurama agreed to his father’s wish, and removed his mother head.And Lord Parashurama asked his father to give him a boon to bring back his mother. Thus Renuka, the mother of Lord Parashurama, was brought back to life.

Goddess Renukais the Mother Goddess and gives courage, boldness, braveness and wisdom to her devotees. She also worshipped for curing diseases and for protecting the belongings of the people. In Mahur, Maharashtra, a famous Renuka Mata Temple is situated.Lot of devotees from all parts of India would worship her during the festival of Vijayadashami.

Once, the king Kartaviryarjuna killed Renuka, in order to grab the Sacred Kamdhenu cow. When Lord Parshuram knew about it, he got very much angry with the king, and he immediately killed the king, and performed the last rites of his mother in Mahur under Lord Dattatreya’s guidance. Due to the affection on his mother, she had given darshan to him in the Mahur mountain ranges and from then onwards she is protecting the entire world.

By worshipping Mata Renuka Devi, we would be relieved from our sins committed in our previous births, and will get more spiritual energy and her blessings will make us to lead a spiritual life. She can be worshipped by chanting her name “OM SREE RENUKA DEVIYE NAMAHA” along with chanting her son’s name “OM SREE PARASURAMARE NAMAHA”.

By reciting her various names and by chanting her mantras, we would get all the prosperity in our life. All of our health related problems will come to an end and we would have a blessed and a sin free life. Our holy mother will always be with us at our every moment of life. Let us try to visit her temples at least once in a year and be blessed.

Address: Renuka Parameswari Temple, Padavedu Temple Rd, Padavedu, Tamil Nadu 606905.


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