Paampuranathar Temple, Thirupampuram

Sri Paampuranathar Temple is situated at Thirupampuram in Thiruvarur district. Thirupampuram Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Ma Parvathi, and it is known as Paampuranathar Temple, since the celestial snake deities, Rahu and Ketu are worshipped by the devotees in this Temple.

The temple is located in Kumbakonam, and as per ancient legend, Lord Bhrama, Lord Karkotaka, a famous snake deity and Rishi Agasthyar worshipped Lord Shiva at the present place of this temple. Still now, it is believed that Lord Vinayagar offers his regular prayers to Lord Shiva in an invisible form.

Those who suffer from Naga Dosham are advised to visit this temple, and they must have to perform Rahu Ketu Puja, in order to get relieved from their Naga Doshams. This temple is believed to have been built before 3000 years, and Lord Siva is self-manifested, Swayambhu Linga. Ma Parvati is worshipped as Piraisodi Amman and Lord Siva is worshipped as Pampunathar. Devotees can worship the holy Vanni tree present at this temple, and they can also witness the beauty of the temple tank. We can perform various Homans and pujas by fixing an appointment with the temple priests. This temple is one of the famous Shiva Temples, and ancient Shaivite Saints have glorified Lord Shiva at this temple, and hence it is also classified as one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams .

Worshipping of snake deities is considered as a very holy task, and it would remove our sins, and sufferings from poisonous diseases and viruses, and safeguards us from snake bites. Snake worship is commonly found in all parts of India, and North Indians used to worship Mata Manasa Devi as their beloved snake goddess. In Tamil Nadu, devotees would worship Nagathamman as their snake goddess. Both Mata Manasa and Nagathamman are the forms of Mata Parvati, and help us during difficult times, and remove our tensions and worries, and would cool down our mind.

Adisesha is worshipped as the divine bed of Lord Vishnu, and Vasuki is adorned by Lord Shiva, and is considered as the king of snakes. Naga Panchami and Naga Chaturthi festivals are most important festivals for worshipping snake gods, and devotees would pour milk in the snake burrow, and apply sandal paste and kumkum in the idol of the Nagadevas. Among the temples of Snakes, Mannarsala temple in Kerala, Kukkee subramanya Swamy temple in Karnataka and Paampuranathar Temple in Tamil Nadu are the most famous temples for snake worship. Astika, Takshaka and Kartotaka are the popular snake deities, and they are living in the Patala Loka for several lakhs of years.


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