Official Website of Pandharpur Yatra: Pandarpur Yatra Web Portal

If you want to know the information and updates of the world famous Pandharpur Yatra, here is the official website of Pandharpur Yatra. With a click of mouse you can access the updates and details related to the Palki Yatra.

It is to note that in 2013, Pandharpur Wari Palki Yatra date is July 19 (Ashadhi Ekadasi)..

Pandharpur Yatra 2013 dates

Sant Tukaram Palkhi Schedule 2013

Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi Schedule 2013

Sant Tukaram Palkhi Route Map 2013

Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi Route Map 2013 is mainly developed to create awareness of Pandharpur Yatra and Bhakti Movement of our Hindu saints among the youth of this generation. The website will be in Marathi for initial times but will also be available in English and German later.

Developed by a web solutions company Glocal Digi Comm, the official website of Pandharpur Yatra, was launched by the Marathi music composer Kaushal Inamdar.

It is to note that in 2012, Pandharpur Wari Palki Yatra date was June 30 (Ashadhi Ekadasi)..

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