Pandharpur Palki Yatra 2021 | Pandharpur Ashadi Ekadasi Waari Yatra

Pandharpur Yatra Ashadi Ekadashi

Pandharpur Yatra (Pandhapur Palki Yatra or Pandharpur Ashadi Ekadasi Waari Yatra) is the most famous pilgrimage to Lord Vithoba Temple located in Pandharpur, Solapur district of Maharashtra. In 2021, Pandharpur Yatra date is July 20. Pandharpur Ashadi Ekadasi Yatra begins 21 days before Ashadi Ekadasi (Ekadasi in Ashadh month) and culminates on Ashadi Ekadashi day. […]

Official Website of Pandharpur Yatra: Pandarpur Yatra Web Portal

If you want to know the information and updates of the world famous Pandharpur Yatra, here is the official website of Pandharpur Yatra. With a click of mouse you can access the updates and details related to the Palki Yatra. It is to note that in 2013, Pandharpur Wari Palki Yatra date is July 19 […]