Nrisimha Yatra at Lalitpur, Nepal

In Nepal, in Lalitpur district of the Kathmandu Valley, the procession ceremony of the deity Narasimha avatar is held according to the tradition of celebrating by the Rajopadhyaya Brahmins of Nepal.

In the Shrawan Krishna Panchami of the Nepali Hindu Lunar Calendar, the fifth day of holy Shrawan month is marked as auspicious day for the this particular religious procession popularly known as Nrisimha Yatra. In 2022, Nrisimha Yatra date is August 16.

It is to be remembered that for more than a hundred years this tradition of the holy procession has been successfully held by the residents of Lalitpur in Nepal along with the active participation of devotees and pilgrims with the nation of Nepal and from India plus rest of the world. Among the Rajopadhyaya Bramhins of the locality, Nrisimha Yatra is one of the typical traditions and culture in Hindusim.

It is to be highly noted that each year one male member of the Rajopadhyaya community gets the golden opportunity to be the organizer each year for this Nrisimha Yatra in that particular day. In the sequence in their record, he gets his turn accordingly. The registration happens when a lad is eligible to be known as a Bramhan from the Rajopadhyaya bramhins then the name is registered with the committee organizing the Nrisimha Yatra.

Devotees, pilgrims and local plus foreign tourists participate in this particular Yatra with much dedication and devotion every year. In the Nation of Nepal, this particular Yatra is part and parcel among the Hindus. Even from India, Hindus visit this Yatra in large numbers.

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