No PoP, coloured Ganesh idols’ manufacturing in Mysuru

No PoP, coloured Ganesh idols’ manufacturing in Mysuru for Ganesh Chaturthi 2017.. The district administration of Mysuru has decided to restrict manufacturing of coloured Ganesh idols and those made of plaster of Paris (PoP). It has also decided to initiate steps to prevent bringing in such idols from other districts.

Chairing a special meeting organised to chalk out measures to prevent manufacture and sale of Ganesh idols made of PoP here on Tuesday, D. Randeep, Deputy Commissioner, has instructed officials of the Mysuru City Corporation and Pollution Control Board to inform manufacturers of Ganesh idols of the legal consequences of manufacturing PoP and coloured idols. He told the officials to prevail upon the manufacturers make idols with mud, which is not harmful.

The DC also instructed the police department to get an undertaking from organisers who are planning to keep Ganesh idols in their localities stating that they would not keep PoP or coloured Ganesh idols.

Mr. Randeep asked the MCC and the pollution control board to place mobile tankers at certain points or erect temporary ponds in different localities for people to immerse the idols. This is to ensure people would not immerse the idols in tanks, lakes, open wells and canals. He told the manufacturers and sellers of idols that the district administration was not coming in their way of business but wanted to ensure that waterbodies would not be polluted and the health of people would be protected.

A few manufacturers and sellers present at the meeting said they had not purchased PoP idols this year and appealed to the district administration to restrict bringing of PoP idols from outside. A few people from different organisations suggested that the height of the idol be fixed so that PoP padding would not be given to the idols. The DC said the height could not be restricted as it was a sensitive issue.

Courtesy – The Hindu.

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