KSPCB’s Clay Ganesh idols in Bangalore | Free Eco-friendly idols to Temples in Bengaluru

Clay Ganesha idol 3

Clay Ganesha idol 3

To ensure Bengaluru celebrates Ganesha Chaturthi without harming the environment, the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) will distribute free eco-friendly idols to temples in the city.

The festival is celebrated here with great fervor, but it becomes a headache for the pollution board as idols made of Plaster of Paris (PoP) are sold illegally and used widely.

These idols have been banned across the state for several years, but they still make their way to homes despite the efforts of authorities.

Speaking to News 18, the board’s chairman, Lakshman, said that this time, idols made of clay will be distributed for free to curb pollution and spread awareness. To help fund the initiative, the board has sought the help of NGOs and other environmental organizations.

“The cost of each Ganesha idol varies between Rs 50 and Rs 100. KSPCB is not paying anything for this initiative. We are in talks with many organisations and have already tied up with a few,” Lakshman added.

Another official said that the board hopes that people would buy eco-friendly idols on their own from next year.

Courtesy – News18.com

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