No one in World is Pure & Perfect

No one in this world is pure and perfect. But keeping lot of wrong things with us we are criticising others. If we try to avoid people for their mistakes, then there would be no one with us during the times of our difficult situations.

Some people are examining the character of Lord Rama and Krishna also, and they are even finding fault with these noble avatars. During the time of Lord Jesus Christ, some people attacked a women, by pelting stones on her, by considering her as a bad women, Lord Jesus Christ had stopped them, and asked them to throw stones on her, if they were not committed any mistakes in their life. On hearing these soft words from Lord Jesus Christ, the crowd went away, and Lord Jesus had pacified the lady by blessing her on his holy hands.

At this present world, whenever we open the newspaper, we can find lot of cheating cases, and nowadays, lot of people are getting cheated through online games. Sometimes we may get some call from unknown person by pretending themselves as Bank officials, and would ask us to provide our bank account details. If we provide those details to them, within a few minutes, the money available in our account would be taken away by them.

Some people are stealing money from the old aged people by pretending themselves as helping them. Hence we have to be very careful and cautious while interacting with the strangers, and must not disclose our personal details to them. Still in Shani Shingnapur village, in most of the houses, entrance door would not be there, and people used to keep the valuables in their house, and would go out for looking after their jobs. Since they have strong faith with the Judgement god, Lord Shanishwara, they are doing like that. Similar to them, instead of keeping faith with anyone in this world, we can keep great faith on the almighty since he is the one who is very, very pure and perfect.

Similar to the almighty, we can find purity with our holy saints like Guru Raghavendra, Shirdi Saibaba and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

If we are staying alone in our home, and there is no one to look after us, then we can consider the great almighty and the divine saints as our best friends, and can spend our time, by talking to them, similar to the Varkari Saints like Tukaram and Dnyaneshwar who used to frequently talk with Lord Vittal Mahaprabhu, an incarnation of Lord Krishna.


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