Nayanmars’ Present day life

Does anybody know about the current situation of all the 63 Nayanmar Saints, who are famously worshipped in the Shiva Temples as Shaivite Saints, and they are the first and foremost Shivanadiyars, ancient Shiva devotees.

It is believed that at this present period of time, all the Nayanmars would directly have the divine vision of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, in his holy abode Kailash, and they would keep singing the glories of Lord Shiva, by shedding joyful tears from their eyes. While the Divine Devas enjoys lot of pleasures in the heaven, Nayanmars would never enjoy any other pleasure in the Shiva Loka, but they would keep enjoying only the spiritual pleasure by continuously worshipping Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati. They would never get hunger, tiredness and sleep, since they had attained the position of “IMMORTALS”.

Nayanmars during their period had expressed their sincere bhakti and staunch faith on Lord Shiva. I have also written about them. Nayanmars have dedicated their entire soul on worshipping Lord Shiva, and their each and every body cell chanted the glories of Shiva, and sung in praise of Shiva. While one Nayanmar decided to sacrifice his son himself for offering him as food to a Shivanadiyar, who was none other than our holy Lord Shiva, another Nayanmar saint had constructed a wonderful temple on his soul itself.

They also sanctified Lord Shiva by reciting Sri Rudram, Chamakam and performed Shiva puja regularly and also bathed the holy Shiva Lingam with milk. One Nayanmar sung, “My sole duty is to providing service to Lord Shiva alone”. Another Nayanmar sung, “Hey Shiva Perumane, Piraisudi Perumane, Arul seivaye”, which means, hey my dear Lord, who adorns moon on his head, please shower your grace on us.

Nayanmars saints didn’t forget Lord Shiva even for a single moment in their life. Their main aim is to attain the lotus feet of Lord Shiva, and they have succeeded in their tasks. Similar to those precious saints, we also must aim to attain more and more Shiva Bhakti, by regularly worshipping Lord Shiva, even without wasting for a single second in our life.


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