Navnath | Nine Divine Gems of Navnath Sampradaya

The Navnath are the nine saints, who were the founders of the Navnath Sampradaya. They are worshipped together in order to get all the prosperity in our life.They are also considered as nine Divine Gems, and they are created for doing goodness to us.

Navnath are the divine incarnations of the Trimurtis, and contain their features. They are also known as Adi Devas, since they are the ancient gurus. Navanath also called as the nine teachers have invoked the bhakti on god in the minds of the people. They taught us that we can live a successful life by worshipping the Trimurtis. They are as follows:

1. Matsyendranath
2. Gorakhnath
3. Jalandharnath
4. Kanhoba
5. Gahininath
6. Bhartrinath
7. Revananath
8. Charpatinath
9. Naganath

They are mainly worshipped in Maharashtra,and a book was written mentioning their importance.The holiness of Navnath is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Once, they have met Lord Krishna and discussed with him about spiritual matters. The Navnath Sampradaya is a Hindu sampradaya based on the divine teachings of the Navnaths and it is adopted by some sects of North Indian people in Maharashtra.

The Navnath sampradaya spreads the message of Lord Krishna that God has created humans for realizing the god within their soul, and the humans must realize that God is the universal master, and must worship him throughout their life, in order to get SALVATION.There is an ancient temple of Navnath in Pulgaon on the banks of River Wardha.


1. God has created you for worshipping him, and for doing good activities.
2. Don’t get frustrated and don’t curse the god for your own sufferings, since all these are happening due to your own Karma only, and don’t blame on the god.
3. Believe in your guru and worship him, he will direct you to the god.
4. After getting divine knowledge from your guru, worship Lord Krishna who is the Universal Guru, Guide and God.
5. We are all the slaves and our divine master is the god, keep serving him, in order to attain the eternal bliss of the Lord.
6. Don’t feel alone, realize that God is always protecting and taking care of you.
7. Don’t cause harm to others, since it will give great troubles to you.
8. Realize that god is watching all of your activities and hence try to do only good things in your life.
9. Give respect to your parents, and treat them as the divine gods, and feed them properly.

Let us worship the nine gurus and be blessed.

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