Machindranath Punyatithi 2022 | Matsyendranath Punya Tithi


Machindranath Punyatithi is the death anniversary or the day on which Machindranath left his physical abode and reached the divine abode. In 2022, Machindranath Punyatithi date is April 21. Muni Yogi Macheendranath (Machindranath or Matsyendranath) was the originator and creator of the Nath Sampradaya. He is said to have lived in the 8th-9th centuries. The Nath Sampradayais a form of Avadhuta-pantha sect. […]

Navnath | Nine Divine Gems of Navnath Sampradaya

The Navnath are the nine saints, who were the founders of the Navnath Sampradaya. They are worshipped together in order to get all the prosperity in our life.They are also considered as nine Divine Gems, and they are created for doing goodness to us. Navnath are the divine incarnations of the Trimurtis, and contain their […]