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Navavatara of Hanuman | 9 incarnations of Lord Hanuman

Navavatara Hanuman

Navavatara Hanuman

Navavatara of Hanuman are the 9 incarnations of Lord Hanuman.

‘Avatara’ is a form in which the Lord blesses his devotee. Anjaneya Swamy blessed his devotees in nine various forms.

Navavatara of Hanuman begins with Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy and ends with Vanarakara Hanuman.

Here is the nine incarnations (forms) of Hanuman 

1. Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy (Prasanna Hanuman)

2. Veeranjaneya Swamy (Veera Hanuman)

3. Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman (20-Armed Anjaneya Swamy)

4. Panchamukha Hanuman (Five-headed Hanuman)

5. Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman (18-Armed Hanuman)

6. Suvarchala Sahitha Hanuman

7. Chaturbhuja Anjaneya Swamy (4-Armed Hanuman)

8. Dwatrimshath Hanuman (32-Armed Virat Hanuman)

9. Vanarakara Hanuman

‘Navavatara Anjaneya Charitra’ details about the nine forms of Hanuman in this verse…

Aadya Prasanna Hanuman

Dwitiyo Veera Marutih

Tritiyo Vimshati bhujah

Chaturtha pancha vaktraka

Panchamo Ashtadasha bhujah sharanya sarvadehinaam

Suvarchalaa pathi shashtah

Saptamastu Chaturbhujah

Ashtama Kathitashriman Dwatrimshath bhujamandala

Navamo vaanarakara ithyeva navaroopa dhruth

Navavatara Hanuman Pathumaam Sarvadassada ||

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