Nath Sampradaya | Natha Sect

Nath Sampradaya also called as Nath sect is an ancient sect in India, and the followers of this sect consider Lord Shiva as their Guru, guide and god. Lord Shiva is considered as the first Nath saint, and apart from him, saints like Guru Matsyendranath and Guru Gorakhnath are considered as the most popular saints. The people belonging to Nath sect are living throughout India.

Guru Gorakhnath is believed to be the important Guru, and he is the founder of the Nath sect, and he is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Machhendranath was lived during the 9th century and as per the orders of Lord Shiva, he has preached the importance of Shaivism amongst the devotees of Lord Shiva.

Gorakhnath was born in the 10th century, and he is considered to be the founder of the Nath sect, a sect formed for teaching the concepts of Shiva Bhakti, Yoga and Meditation.

Jalandharnath was born in 12th century AD in the present day Punjab, and he is a holy Siddha saint, and an ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva.

Kanifnath was a Siddha saint who was born during the 14th century, in the present day West Bengal.

Chauranginath was the son of the Bengal king, and he is worshipped by his devotees in Punjab.

Charpatinath lived in the mountain caves of Himachal Pradesh, and he used to meditate Lord Shiva and also preached the philosophies of Shaivism amongst the people.

Bhartruharinath is the King of Ujjain, but he left his kingdom in order to become a saint.

Gopichandnath is also the prince of Bengal, but left his kingdom to live as a Saint.

Ratnath is a Siddha Purusha and he was born in the 13th century in Punjab, and he is still worshipped by the people of Punjab.

Dharmanathis a15th century Shaivite saint, who lived in Gujarat, and he had established an Ashram for preaching divine lectures amongst his disciples.

Mastanath is a Siddha saint who lived in the 18th century, and he established a Temple in Haryana.

Nath saints used to wander from place to place. They didn’t take care for themselves, and used to wear saffron clothes, and would mostly consume fruits, greens and vegetables as food items for them. They have controlled their senses through the Hata yoga, and lived as per the principles of Shaivism.

For a few months in a year, they used to stay in the mountain caves in the Himalayas and would perform severe meditation on Lord Shiva. They also have done miracles to their devotees, and healed their diseases.

For some of their beloved devotees, they have even granted salvation, by burning their bad karmas through their divine vision. Worshipping the Nath saints is similar to worshipping Lord Shiva itself. Hence let us worship these pious saints regularly and be blessed.


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