Narayana Bhatta Goswami

Sri Narayana Bhatta Goswami was born in a Brahmin family in South India, and he was considered to be the forefather in writing holy texts about the Divine Love between Lord Krishna and Ma Radha Rani in an interesting manner. His spiritual Guru was Sri Krishna Das Brahmachari, who was a disciple of Shri Gopal Bhatta Goswami. He helped the Goswam is in searching out the lost deities of Radha and Krishna in Vrindavana.

He wrote lot of Divine texts about Krishna, and in fact, he has helped in searching lot of lost temples of Sri Krishna, and brought it into the eyes of the public, which was once submerged into the oceans. He spent each and every second in reciting the holy word, “K R I S H N A”.He has spent most of his life in tracing out the old historical temples of Lord Krishna, and he has found some of the temples under the dense forests in a dilapidated state, and with the help of some good spiritual people, he gave a new life to those temples, and also performed consecration ceremony for those temples.Some of the most popular Deities traced out by him are Sri Lal Kishanji, a famous form of Lord Krishna, Ma Sankata Devi Ji, Seshanag Sri Vishnu Bhagavan, Sri Badrinatha Swamy and Sri KamesvaraMoorthy. Some of the Holy places discovered by him are Bhanukhora, Danagarha, Managarha, Gahavaravana, and Sankarikhora.

After discovering the ancient worship centres of Lord Krishna, Sri Narayana had introduced the practice of circumambulating the holy place Vrindavana, which is also popularly known as Vrindavana Parikrama. After living for many years by sincerely worshipping Lord Krishna,he attained the samadhi state on 1643, and his samadhi is located in Unchagoan, a famous village in Barsana. Sri Narayana bhatta Goswami is believed to be an incarnation of Rishi Narada, and once he himself has revealed about it before the public.


1. Though god appears in different, different forms, but he is only one, and he is described as Lord Krishna.

2. If you want to get peace of mind, we need not want to go anywhere else, since we can get lot of peace by worshipping our most beautiful Lord Krishna.

3. God considers all of his creations as his own family, but due to our own negligence, we are separating us from his good company.

4. Those who give proper respect to others, and behave kindly with them, are to be considered as the aspects of the god itself.

5. Lord Krishna is the one who dwells in you and me, and by the way of offering our sincere prayers, he would stay with us permanently.

6. Let’s willfully surrender ourselves at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

7. By fixing our soul on Lord Krishna, we would be able to overcome the difficulties through his grace.


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