Shaivism & Vaishnavism

The two excellent sects Shaivism and Vaishnavism are considered as the two eyes by the followers of Hinduism. Those who worship Lord Shiva alone are called as Shaivites, and those who worship Lord Vishnu alone are called as Vaishnavites. But generally Hindus would worship both Shiva and Vishnu, by considering them as the two main gods of Hinduism.

Ancient Shavite and Vaishnavite scholars used to conduct debates, in order to claim popularity to their respective sects. Though Adishankara was a strict follower of Shaivism, and though he is considered as an aspect of Lord Shiva, but his mother Aryamba had preferred to settle down in the Holy Vaikunta after her death. Due to his great spiritual powers, Adishankara has sent his mother’s soul to the Vaikunta after her death! Still some strict Shaivites claim that Lord Shiva is more powerful, since in most of his temples, Navagraha shrines are there, whereas, Vaishnavites, used to consider the Dasavatars of Lord Vishnu as equivalent to the Navagrahas. We can see few wall inscriptions in some of the ancient Shiva Temples, and in that, we can see the images of the celestials like Indra, Brahma and Vishnu who could be seen eagerly worshipping the Holy Shiva Lingam with flowers and holy leaves.

Some ancient kings who strictly follow Shaivism as their main sect, would insist the small rulers who practice Vaishnavism to embrace Shaivism, and if they disobey their orders, those Shaivite kings would even kill them! In order to make those kings to realize that both Shiva and Vishnu are equal, both of these two gods have taken the Shankara Narayana form, an excellent combination of Shiva and Vishnu in one body.

But still without realizing that Lord Shiva and Vishnu are one and the same, followers of Shaivism and Vaishnavism fights with each other, by mentioning about the greatness of their respective gods. In order to prove the similarity of these two gods amongst the people, Shiva and Vishnu has to take one more avatar at this Kaliyuga, since both of these two wonderful gods would never differentiate themselves with each other!


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