Miracle of Lord Narasimha | Story of Kumudha, Iyengar girl from Tamil Nadu

Lord Narasimha

Lord Narasimha

Kumudha (18th century) was a noble girl and she was born in an Iyengar family at Arakonam, Tamil Nadu. She and her family were ardent devotees of Lord Narasimha. She used to visit the Narasimha Temple at Sholingur during Saturdays along with her family, and occasionally she alone would visit the temple.

Kumudha had finished her college, and was searching for an Accountant job. Due to that, every Saturday evenings, she alone would visit the temple and pray to the great Narasimha.

One day evening, she worshipped the deity, and since that day was a festival day, lot of crowd was there and it took several hours for her to finish the darshan. During that period, there was no phone or mobile connection, and transportation facilities also that much not available. Only bullock and horse carts facility was there. Since, it was late at night, she was very much afraid to go to her home, since during those days, there was no electricity facility. Somehow she consoled herself, and walked faster.Suddenly when she reached a lonely place, she found three teenagers dressed in lungi were fast approaching her by uttering some bad words.

Her heart was almost stopped, and she didn’t run away from that place and she calmly sat in the floor and kept chanting the Narasimha Mantra “OM NAMO LAKSHMI NARASIMHAYA NAMAHA”. Suddenly, to her surprise, a police man arrived at that place, and chased those persons, and he gave company till her house, and she reached home safely through the grace of Lord Narasimha.

Let us worship the great god Sri Narasimha and be blessed.

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